Friday, February 15, 2019

bizarrely prescient authority on my own deterioration

  • What better time to fly to Michigan then dead of winter, tomorrow even?
  • I get my giftmas present from Planet, dinner at Seva, tomorrow night!
  • We're meeting a real estate agent and looking at three houses tomorrow afternoon, I'm told!
  • Where these houses are in Michigan there is not a hill in two hundred fucking miles
  • My daughter won't be my age in 2052, we are ruled by sociopaths, world be gone
  • Purist democrat me, honoring losing 2-1 in honest elections against insurmountable odds

  • Nothing soon, is exploratory, my two who always out-vote me say
  • Tweeted yesterday re: Hilltop don't do no scheduled maintenance
  • sign of Hilltop's incompetence they haven't bought my ass out
  • Buy me out, please, even if it means I move to Michigan
  • This is why I can't use blogger as digital notebook no matter how much copy/pasting digital notebooks to blogger sucks, but at least I didn't talk about two of my coworkers here
  • who are what I wrote about in analog notebook last night
  • Out of nowhere this came into my head (today) yesterday:



Franz Wright