Friday, February 22, 2019

What Happened to the Prayer That Goes Like That?


Franz Wright

Around midnight he took the oxycodone
and listened to Arvo Part's "I Am the True Vine"
over and over, the snow falling harder now.
He switched off the light and sat without dread

of the coming hours quietly singing along;
he smoked any number of cigarettes without thinking

once about the horrifying consequence;
he was legibly told what to say and he wrote

with mounting excitement and pleasure,
and sent friendly e-mails to everyone, Lord

I had such a good time and I don't regret anything
What happened to the prayer that goes like that?


  1. i enjoy the snow driving gifs

    i enjoy arvo part's i am the true vine - thanks for adding the link

    sometimes i comment at the nytimes and the daily mail - each has a plus vote feature, the daily mail also has a minus vote feature - but something i posted re peter tork at the latter yesterday has 104 thumbs up, no thumbs down as i write this -

    as i read the comments of the musicians who knew him in the story here, and the reactions of my fellow fans in the comments here, i too experience a sense of loss and a sense of gratitude for the joy that peter and his bandmates were able to share with us, back when we all were young - may the creative forces of the universe smile in our general direction

  2. Thankee. Great videos; the looping reminds me of Hockney's Yorkshire video 'Countrysides' and 'Seasons'.

    "One day... I decided that what I really needed was to live alone in a cave. I was walking past a cinema and went into whatever was showing just to be able to sit in the dark. It was a film about a cave." That's one compelling opening passage, isn't it? Almost as good as Boyle's opening line from 'The Hat': They sent a hit squad after the bear. No way you can keep from wanting more, after lines like that.