Sunday, May 5, 2019

(Ever Wonder How They Fit a Whole Hive Inside One of Them?)

  • The Maryland Department of Natural Resources yesterday tweeted out a photo of a fuck gloating over the fish he trapped and killed so I tweeted back that someone should but a hook in said fuck's face and drag him against his will until he's dead, so fuck me.
  • I had just seen a tweet of a rhino crying as veterinarians tried to save it after poachers had cut off its horn, I swear to you: I want to kill humans, not torture, not make beg for mercy, a simple shot to the skull, that's all. 
  • Ordem e Progresso.
  • Postscript as self-portrait.
  • LeClair on Whitehead's latest novel
  • I read Whitehead's Underground Railroad in Maine two or three years ago, link for LeClair
  • mostly (whose opinion on the Whitehead I mostly share, if I remember my opinion correctly)
  • I can't remember the last time I finished a novel
  • Icky driblets.

  • Photo taken last night at 7pm, above the fold front page of New York Times webpage
  • The idea Joe Biden doesn't want! what McConnell will do when GOP control Senate after Biden wins
  • Joe's a fool cause he thinks McConnell's in on it, it's a secret club, or rather Joe's a fool because he thinks he's in the club, which he is but not like Joe thinks, or:
  • Joe is in the club and him and McConnell in cahoots
  • Dennis the Peasant born 76 years ago today


Franz Wright

Then he stopped
dead on the sidewalk
to overhear himself
say quite distinctly
I quit,
in his own words — 
be glad you weren’t there.
in the cerebral
combs, unprecedented
mass desertions, solar
It said
the lips moved
not, no thought was
taken. With massive finality
and apropos of absolutely
nothing it came,
a cruel blessing,
the ultimate low
note of an organ
made of ice or a passing
night train
of black holes. He
kept lying there — 
what else was he
supposed to do? — with watch
pressed to one ear, emitting
a molecular hum. (Ever wonder
how they fit a whole
hive inside one
of them?) Minute
hand starting to disappear,
such was its speed
by now; on his face
an expression
of guarded rapture.
No one could do a thing
for him now. They’d stop,
gaze down
in disgust
and concern, a moment before
they hurried on or,
without looking,
adroitly moved
around him, the way you would
dog shit. Invariably
in such cases there is a line
that no one crosses.
You know what
I’m getting at. Mainly
everyone just stands around
and waits for the arrival
of the ambulance; the mind simply stops, nothing,
silence. Then
the most silver,
the tiniest
of a fracture
like that of an ice cube
dropped in vodka
can be heard
around the world;
people freeze
at whatever they’re doing, and bow
their minds, those persistent
illusions in pain,
or shame. But all
is soon forgotten,
the sunlight appears
all at once like
a great shadow
and floats with the gas-like hush
throughout the twelve spokes,
the brilliant yellow darkness
of the twelve candlelit
hallways forever
abandoned, forever
emanating out from
the one central
hexagonal chamber
so much larger than all
the rest, in which
the young queen lies
dreaming, amazed,
eyes open wide
her lead-lined matchbox
rocking bed,
tits up
dead, immovable
sow, maggot
in color.


  1. 1)tulsi is one of the candidates to whom i recently gave a donation

    2)also: jay inslee, tim ryan, seth moult

    3)i was thinking again about the group of small boys and the wild cheese; a different group of small boys and the wild squirrel

    1. in the parables, the wild squirrel and the wild cheese are like the lost sheep

      the small boys are like the wolves in the wilderness

      the older boy is like the good shepherd

      the mayor and his wife and their guests are like the mf democrats

      joe biden is the pre-eminent mf dem of this election cycle

      one is advised not to hate the mf dems, not because of any harm it might do to the mf dems, but because, as an afflictive emotion, hate is harmful to the mf hater

      see treatise 'within you, without you' by g. harrison

      may the creative forces of the universe smile in our general direction

  2. "hate is harmful to the mf hater"

    ah but is it, MC? Not, I think, if Love in equal or greater amplitude is streamed in the opposite direction. Remember when (Lenny Bruce? Krassner? Sanders? Hoffman? Soupy Sales?) said, "If you can't say 'f*ck,' you can't say 'f*ck the man'? I think it's like that. They've been training us to eschew hate so as to be able to count on a tepid response to any old hideous shenanigans they undertake to get away with. "Hate" is more of a mobilizer than "Love," I think. A million people screaming bloodcurdling anthems of pure hate across the Whitey House lawn may well be a bracing corrective... did that or did that not work to chase LBJ back to his ranch long before they installed the Facebook Control Panel?

    Anyway, I do Hate occasionally and I feel great; keeps the blood pressure lower than bottling it all up under a long-sufferingly forgiving smile.