Thursday, May 2, 2019

if you want don't let the revolution hold you back

  • One friend, a government professor from Hilltop, I've mentioned his class a few times but I never Thursday Night Pinted with him so never used his B here
  • more chord with than knot, us, boomers
  • leftists who - get this - thought that New Deal, Great Society
  • shit rad*
  • B insisted since Trump's inauguration Democrats more paralyzed by data's failure in run-up to POTUS 2016
  • all those brilliant new political scientists fluent in ARCgis by preschool and algorithimically programmed for heartless political Billy Ball from 2nd Grade, hatched from top Algorithm PhD rookeries 
  • fucked their turd in 2016
  • (it makes B smile, and, small, me too)
  • He agrees with me that professional Democrats are corrupt despicable cowardly whores 
  • but it's not fear of ruling, he says
  • (or as I would put it, ruling is no longer in their job description at Overlord Headquarters)
  • but analytical blindness *or* sight with no soul is sightlessness

Today's most important event:

Happy Birthday, Hamster! Hamster 6.0!


Tom Raworth

a likely button of yes

all 'over' the world
some radios are off and some are on

eat what you want
learn your lessons

if you want
don't let the revolution hold you back


  1. JFC we're old. I'll just take cold comfort that I'll be the last of the three of us to hit THAT unspeakably disturbing number. Happy Birthday here, as elsewhere, Hamster.

  2. happy birthday to 'hamster' - you have successfully time traveled into the future! - live it, and/or live with it, and at a time tbd get out of the way

    speaking of literal hamsters, the daily mail removed a comment of mine yesterday

    >> We have received a number of complaints about the comment you made on article "Repeated pet kidnapper Megan Barton Hanson STEALS and LOSES Love Island co-star Charlie Brake's cousin's hamster in drunk row... as she recruits her mum to try and find the rodent" (/tvshowbiz/article-6979775/Megan-Barton-Hanson-STEALS-LOSES-Love-Island-star-Charlie-Brakes-cousins-hamster.html), at 01/05/2019

    Due to the number of complaints received, your comment has been removed from MailOnline.

    Should the situation change, we will review and consider re-publishing. Until such time, your comment will remain off the site. To avoid this happening again, please take the time to review the House Rules and site Terms and Conditions. <<

    i had written "it's just an animal - new hamsters aren't expensive"

    after this callous remark was removed i posted the following kinder, gentler sentiment, which remains up -

    i hope the hamster is found unharmed - the treatment it has received shows a disregard for the feelings of not only one's fellow human beings but other sentient creatures

    as i write, my later comment has 24 up votes, 1 down vote

  3. Thanks, bdr! I have heard from Landru and we need to get together. I am jonesing to hear you two natter about DS9. (Though I still pine for Ensign Ro Laren.) Mistah Charley, thanks for standing up for hamsters. RESPECT.