Tuesday, June 18, 2019

it's not too late for you if it's not too late for me

  • One of a dozen of most listened to albums and certainly the album my tripping friends demanded I turn it the fuck off most
  • In those days, youngsters, to listen on headphones meant silencing the needle on the turntable for everyone but you, used only when others had crashed
  • Judging from reaction to the Trout Mask Replica songs I tweeted last night all of you either are someone I tripped with and told me to turn it the fuck off or someone if we *had* (and still can) tripped together and I'd put Trout Mask Replica on you'd have demanded I turn it the fuck off
  • Three out of four people tripping with me would demand I turn Kate Bush the fuck off when I'd play an album and of the one-fourth who liked Kate while tripping seven-eighths were women
  • Not surprisingly, most of the tripping friends who'd refuse Beefheart insisted on Zappa
  • what a fuckstupid species, us, but it's not too late for you if it's not too late for me (you'll have to listen to the song above to hear that lyric and understand its (clusterfuckful significance) true context within the song
  • I love Beefheart, people can vouch, lots HERE


  1. i listened to both beefheart songs

    lines from a beefheart song (the blimp, if i recall correctly) that still stick with me, approximately half a century later

    daughter, don't you dare!
    oh mother, who cares!

    in the course of listening to these songs and looking up the lyrics, i discovered kevin courrier has written a book on the trout mask replica album - he has also published on zappa, randy newman, and even the beatles - Artificial Paradise: The Dark Side of the Beatles' Utopian Dream

    i thought of posting a link to moonlight in vermont - although i could not find a version by kenny g, here's willie nelson's rendition - with a slideshow of vermont photos


    and speaking of new england in general, i recently came across a critique of frost's the road not taken that i am thinking of incorporating into my analysis of james tate's tatamagouche poem:

    'In “Blood Donut,” the seventh episode of [the Netflix original tv series] Orange Is the New Black, Taystee Jefferson (Danielle Brooks) makes a passing reference to “the road less traveled,” prompting a brief, agitated lecture from her fellow inmate, Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling). “You know,” Piper says, “that doesn’t mean what everyone thinks it means.” “Ah shit, we’re about to get educated and shit,” Taystee replies. “No, no. I’m just saying,” Piper continues, undaunted:

    everyone thinks the poem means to break away from the crowd and do your own thing, but if you read it, Frost is very clear that the two roads are exactly the same. He just chooses one at random. And then it’s only later at a dinner party when he’s talking about it that he tells everyone he chose the road less traveled by, but he’s lying. So the point of the poem is that everyone wants to look back and think that their choices matter. But in reality, shit just happens the way that it happens, and it doesn’t matter." '


    contrariwise, in tate's poem, the change of outlook produced by the compassion of the people at the restaurant/the intervention of higher powers/the ghost of anna swan/the bubbling of the collective unconscious does make a big difference

    and i ask you - if choices don't matter, why do they work so hard to program us? hmmm?

    with best wishes in the sempiternal quest for truth, justice, and the potentially sentient way of promoting the general good, to the extent that this can be arranged with available resources during the time constraints which apply -

    your close personal cybercorrespondent,
    mistah charley, ph.d.

  2. don't miss


  3. That's right, the Mascara Snake. Fast 'n bulbous. But Safe as Milk was my 'clear the dorm room' go to.

  4. Yoko's first album (which I dearly love) always worked for my room.

  5. Oh, did I miss my cue?


    The fourth person was Elric.

    1. Don't *make* me tell them about you and Zed Leppelin. Or driving around the beltway in Mobin's Rustang.

    2. Yeah, that was my next-to-last trip. There's Zep I like now.

  6. in terms of dorm room clearing ability - i had a record of japanese koto music - also people rarely stuck around after i put on the 'ocean waves' lp

  7. re tripping in the 21st century

    you could look at michael pollan's

    How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence

    a local library system has 28 copies of this book and 3 people waiting

    it is stated to be

    A brilliant and brave investigation into the medical and scientific revolution taking place around psychedelic drugs--and the spellbinding story of his own life-changing psychedelic experiences