Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Today Both Traps Sit Sprung

  • I goofed and ceepeed a Thom Gunn poem as a James Tate poem forgive me, thanks to Charlie - sincerely - for catching and alerting me
  • I need write not here but there about this aging shit
  • few here know Earthgirl's friend and then only at weddings, lordy, amputated lung yesterday
  • watching my mother eat Indian food two nights ago, most she's ate in two years, and the uncanny three seconds she remembered everything
  • My daughter will be my age in 2053, my mother's age in 2079
  • So again with another self-portrait


Forrest Gander

To the north, along Orange Blossom Trail,
thick breath of sludge fires.
Smoke rises all night, a spilled genie
who loves the freezing trees
but cannot save them.
Snow fine as blown spiders.
The news: nothing.
Large rats breed on the beach
driving smaller ones here.
Today both traps sit sprung.


  1. Sound the trumpets, bang the drums, a joyous day is at hand! I have received a cost of living increase from social security. Beginning the very next upcoming year I'll get five bucks more than I'm getting now. As you may well imagine I'm overwhelmed by the generosity and humanity of it all. So take that you doubters and nay-sayers of our benevolent feds. I'm too overcome to say more on the matter.

    Yes, we must have compromise! Global warming is going to kill us all and change the biosphere forever so let's compromise with the capitalist pig fuckers who are responsible for it. What the hell. Nobody lives forever. We could compromise on the death penalty as well. Just think of it, we could just kill say one of their legs or maybe remove a lung. Then everyone'd be happy dappy.

  2. i go to from time to time, and just did so in response to your update

    consequently i read

    just like bernie said

    You know what? The 1 percent is very powerful — no denying that. The 99%, when they’re organized and prepared to stand up and fight, they are far more powerful.

    for me, this is the tipping point - i am actually going to send more money to senator sanders this election cycle - like robert payne, i have received a social security cost of living adjustment - like robert payne, i recognize that nobody lives forever - while there is a chance that spouse and self will spend all our private stash of cash before our earthly journey ends, with consequent reduction in comfort, on the other hand maybe not - 'it's all a crapshoot anyhoo', as stephen tobolowsky's character states in 'groundhog day', a.k.a. atrapado en el tiempo

    not included in this comment: remarks about 'the man in the high castle' amazon prime tv series

  3. Berni

    Sanders received over 380,000 bucks from the defense industry in 2016. In the present circus he's already gotten more from the defense industry than anyone else including the orange thing tweeting on the Whitehouse toilet.