Friday, December 20, 2019

You Are a Euthanasia Beyond My Miasma

Jess, in a bag last night, older by three years than fifteen year old (we think) Fleabus, shrinking, screeching, dying, bag-bound, 2019's fine shitty metaphors abounding the finest shittiest metaphors abounding ever, as are 2019's shitty self-portraits


Harryette Mullen

You are a ukulele beyond my microphone
You are a Yukon beyond my Micronesia
You are a union beyond my meiosis
You are a unicycle beyond my migration
You are a universe beyond my mitochondria
You are a Eucharist beyond my Miles Davis
You are a euphony beyond my myocardiogram
You are a unicorn beyond my Minotaur
You are a eureka beyond my maitai
You are a Yuletide beyond my minesweeper
You are a euphemism beyond my myna bird
You are a unit beyond my mileage
You are a Yugoslavia beyond my mind’s eye
You are a yoo-hoo beyond my minor key
You are a Euripides beyond my mime troupe
You are a Utah beyond my microcosm
You are a Uranus beyond my Miami
You are a youth beyond my mylar
You are a euphoria beyond my myalgia
You are a Ukranian beyond my Maimonides
You are a Euclid beyond my miter box
You are a Univac beyond my minus sign
You are a Eurydice beyond my maestro
You are a eugenics beyond my Mayan
You are a U-boat beyond my mind control
You are a euthanasia beyond my miasma
You are a urethra beyond my Mysore
You are a Euterpe beyond my Mighty Sparrow
You are a ubiquity beyond my minority
You are a eunuch beyond my migraine
You are a Eurodollar beyond my miserliness
You are a urinal beyond my Midol
You are a uselessness beyond my myopia


  1. 0)that's a good looking cat - from this angle, at least - in a cozy-looking brown paper bag - i am sorry to read that the cat is unwell

    1)harryette mullen writes you are a ukulele beyond my microphone

    2)here's a ukulele-accompanied duet rendition of lennon's 'imagine'

    3)Tulsi Gabbard, soldier/politician/singer-of-antireligious-songs, has received much verbal abuse in the last couple of days because she voted 'present' on the impeachment charges - probably she is not surprised to be condemned for this - she explains her view at

    4)and speaking of ukelele-accompanied songs, here's Todd Rundgren at the microphone doing one of his biggest hits while throwing in a bit of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

    5)i have carried through on my stated intention to give more money to bernie - i don't regard his potential presidency as probable, but as yogi berra's space-time continuum quantum indeterminacy principle could have put it you never know when something surprising might happen

  2. Give Jess a hug for me! I've read some cats can live to be 25. As for the Fuckers that Rule Us being more intelligent, I doubt that very much. They're sneaky and ever so clever, but intelligent? Okay, time to give Jess another hug, and maybe a kiss! it's gotten cold out so I bought another blanket, it's this micro fiber that feels just like momma cat fur, and Teddy has had this amazing reaction to it. He loves it! So now it's Teddy's blanket. But he shares it with me, that's my guy.

    1. Jess is dead. We didn't like each other but we were never unkind to each other.

      I think our sociopath overlords aren't necessarily smart enough to rule the world themselves but smart enough to hire the smartest ghouls for power serving our sociopath overlords' amoral fuckerdom, I have faith in our sociopath overlords.