Thursday, December 19, 2019

others associate the decreation with an unstoppable flow of leakage while others associate the decreation with falling rates of profit

POEM #1022

Daniel Borzutzky

There is not much excess
and what there is is barely perceptible
the blank ones disappear from our vision
no one notices until
there is a dramatic decrease in surplus value

the war is born
and the blank ones disappear again
but really their disappearance is subjective
some see no one
while others see everyone

for some the extermination of the cancer
is inseparable from the decreation of the city
others associate the decreation
with an unstoppable flow of leakage
while others associate the decreation
with falling rates of profit
and the barely perceptible
appearance of the human body

out of the dead refugee sprouts
a breathing poem

out of the dead soldier sprouts
a breathing poem

out of the dead city sprouts
a breathing poem

but when the city disappears
so do the poems

and when the poems disappear
the dead are assassinated

picture a heart covered in dust
and picture a poem sprouting out of it

picture a heart covered in dust
and picture a child chasing it

picture a bullet that kills a child
and picture the soldier who tosses the child into the sea

the soldier kisses the earth and says
it’s not my fault the people are being born and dying

the pastor calls out the names of the children to the congregants

to each name they respond


  1. Ranil Senanayake ... the foremost systems ecologist in Sri Lanka - asserts in the 'threat to life as we know it' article you link to

    What drives modern society? Greed. You have one, but it’s not enough – you gotta get two. And then you ask yourself, how did this come to be? Who makes this happen? And then you go read the Bible, and find out: Jesus Christ, the most tranquil person on the planet, lost his temper only one time. And who did he lose his temper with? The money changers, the bankers. The same people today who are pushing for the rapid turnover of money to increase their wealth, wealth which is merely a construct we’re supposed to believe in. But to do that, they want us all to consume more and more and more, and call it development. That’s what happened!

  2. here's a provocative viewpoint -

  3. I'm pretty sure the dollar-drenched Democrats would rather see another four years of the impeached peach colored prez rather than Bernie Sanders as Glen Ford says. That's just how much they care about the environment, let Trump wreak havoc with it for another four years, who gives a fuck, money is all that matters. Let Trump keep putting children in cages and separate them from their parents, who gives a fuck. This is a great fucking country after all. Trump already threw the Palestinians to the Israeli wolves. But let's let Trump kiss Israeli ass for another four years, maybe he'll make it a capital crime to say bad things about poowuh widdle Iswael. The dears, they're so defenseless and victimized, don't forget the holocaust! It's an excuse to commit any atrocity, blow a Palestinian child's heads off and just click your heels and say "Holocaust"! All will be well. Sanders has said some stupid shit about the founding of poowah widdle Iswael but he's also sided with the Palestinians or at least shown some concern which Trump hasn't at all.

    I'm reminded how they blamed Ralph Nader for the ascendance of Shrub. Nader, Nader, Nader. They'd blame it on the Bossa Nova if they could. Frankly I don't know why anyone would get upset over this "most important election ever" because its a total fraud as far as I'm concerned. Just like all the others. And listening to people tell me Biden is a socialist, or Bernie is an anti-Semite, and other such nonsense doesn't fill me with confidence in most voters anyway. This is as stupid as Trump the Putinian Candidate. I don't give a fuck about who Americans hate since I hate most Americans anyway, but, and I know this is becoming a pet peeve of mine, couldn't people at least hate for the right reasons?