Thursday, January 16, 2020

To Be Sure I Cheeped a Lot But Didn't Try to Fly

  • Lull, not dark, grey. Since I consider myself Cassandra, canary, weathervane, fool (and of course metaphor) I claim this a feature not a bug of - hey remember when some rich fuck with access to the rich and powerful sold teenage girls to the rich and powerful, got caught, was murdered in his jail cell by the rich and powerful 27 light years ago? - incessantly increasingly overloads of deliberately disorienting overlord noise, I think you are lulled, not dark, grey too
  • documenting the noise back soon since I am Cassandra, canary, weathervane, fool (and of course metaphor) as are you
  • Also, I got Doctor Sevrin ears


Jim Harrison

I envied the dog lying in the yard
so I did it. But there was a pebble
under my flank so I got up and looked
for the pebble, brushed it away
and lay back down. My dog thus far
overlooked the pebble. I guess it's her thick
Lab fur. With my head downhill the blood gorged
me with ideas. Not good. Got up. Turned around. Now I
see hundreds of infinitesimal ants. I'm on an
ant home. I get up and move five feet.
The dog hasn't moved from her serene place.
Now I'm rather too near a thicket where
I saw a big black snake last week that might decide
to join me. I moved near the actual dog this time
but she got up and went under the porch. She doesn't like
it when I'm acting weird. I'm failing as a dog
when my own kind rejects me, but doing better
than when I envied birds, the creature the least
like us, therefore utterly enviable. To be sure
I cheeped a lot but didn't try to fly.
We humans can take off but are no good at landing.


  1. Speaking of the Jepster, as you do, recently I read in the Financial Times that "One [MIT professor], Marvin Minsky, visited Epstein in jail, according to an email cited in the report." I was reminded of an interaction I had with Minsky when he came to give a speech at SUNY Buffalo. During the question period I rose to ask something - he stopped me in the middle of what I was saying - before I had got to my main point - and answered the question he thought I was asking - which was not the question I intended to ask. At the time I thought "this guy is an arrogant asshole."

    This was a less satisfying interaction with an intellectual celebrity than the one I had with Robert Nozick, previously documented in a comment of mine here -

    And speaking of MIT, as I began to do in connection with The Jepster, the Wikipedia article about "Mission of Burma" asserts

    From the start, Mission of Burma received support from local music magazine Boston Rock, which printed a lengthy interview with the band before they released their first record, and MIT community radio station WMBR. The station played Conley's "Peking Spring" repeatedly, and it became the station's most-played song of 1979.

  2. "I am just a Jepster for your luhhhhh-uh-uh-uhve..."
    —R&RHoF 2020