Sunday, January 19, 2020

No Recollect of the Beauty We Destroy Today

Below, a tree, yesterday on Ten Mile Creek Trail in sleet, gorgeous, the second found art we've discovered on a Moco trail in past three months, very cool

  • Friday morning encounter with a Warrenite colleague, Saturday afternoon encounter with a Sandernista colleague 
  • (I know no Biden colleague (or any of the other motherfucking Democratic candidates colleagues))
  • Regardless, I said to my Warrenite colleague, whether Sanders said what she said he said two years ago, if he *did* say what she said he said two years ago she waited two years to say it for basest political gain, and that's fucking OK, anyone who wants to be POTUS, including Bernie Sanders, is a psychopath and asshole
  • Parked on Ten Mike Creek Road, the hundred yards of it to the gate, after crossing the foot bridge over Ten Mile Creek what remains of Ten Mile Creek Road continues ahead a quarter mile to the banks of the flooded valley (after Ten Mile Creek Trail branches uphill to the right), I probably wished it so but I told myself the slight uphill and curve to the left then downhill until disappearing into the lake looked familiar
  • What, I said to my Sandernista colleague, that little poke? you're apoplectic over that little poke? wait until the Comcast propagandists at motherfucking MSNBC run fat frauds analyzing Bernie's body language (and enjoyed the pop I got)
  • Below (bigger, better, here) another self-portrait, started earlier this week, finished last night after finding the above tree



sometimes I strain
                                         to hear one
            when gender blurs in a
         poem my world sets a
              tooth in the gear
               if god is in me
       when will I ask for
     my needs to be met
    every god is qualified
       it is not such a secret
       when I was afraid of the
            road I learned to drive
               map says name of
            your city in ocean
            line drawn to it
          towing behind
          the big party
   history of life on
      earth might be
      interesting to a
        visitor one day
 chewing parsley and
cilantro together is for
           me where forest
               meets meadow
                    in a future life
                   would we like to
                 fall in love with the
                    world as it is with
                       no recollection
                       of the beauty
                       we destroy


  1. that's a good looking tree

    i expect to vote for bernie in the primary - in the election i wouldn't be surprised to vote for bloomberg - he might even win - here's a slogan he could use - i like mike

    you never know when something surprising might happen

  2. So I bought this frozen apple pie yesterday, and on the box it said "orchard picked apples". And I thought to myself, where else would you get them? Speaking of apples, or rather, rotten apples, there is a cry for unity amongst the chosen ones. Well, they're all pretty rotten you must admit. All this unity reminds me of the unity so treasured by our centrist brethren, which is their unity with the right wing ding-a-lings which has worked so well too date. Since it is likely that Trump will lose and we'll have a centrist Democrat leading the troops, I predict a thorough butt fucking for all. It brings tears to my eyes to think of it. How one longs for the more polite form of mass murder that the Democrats are so famous for. No doubt the Democrats will put Band-Aids on all the boo boos which will make their base ever so happy dappy as the only thing they ever cared about was symbols anyway. Then it will be tiny little steps into a fabulous future where people can fly like birds, and we'll have rainbows just about everywhere!