Tuesday, January 21, 2020

will be nice, will say some kind word, the cool front yard before us and the dogs in the backyard shitting on everything

Me 6:15 this morning waking up after three days hiking w Earthgirl

Me at 8AM smelling the World's Shittiest Human's latest self-serving turd


Matthew Dickman

My mother and I are on the front porch lighting each other's cigarettes
as if we were on a ten-minute break from our jobs
at being a mother and son, just ten minutes
to steal a moment of freedom before clocking back in, before
putting the aprons back on, the paper hats,
washing our hands twice and then standing
behind the counter again,
hoping for tips, hoping the customers
will be nice, will say some kind word, the cool
front yard before us and the dogs 
in the backyard shitting on everything.
We are hunched over, two extras on the set of The Night of the Hunter.
I am pulling a second cigarette out of the pack, a swimmer
rising from a pool of other swimmers. Soon we will go back
inside and sit in the yellow kitchen and drink
the rest of the coffee 
and what is coming to kill us will pour milk
into mine and sugar into hers.


  1. i feel a moment of contentment when i get my weekly email from actblue that another of my preprogrammed donations to brother bernie went through - these expire after supertuesday

    the person i knew in my college days who is now my closest friend in some socioemotional sense became a trumpista because he hated hillary - i find i can forgive him


    Compassion - Todd Rundgren - Live At The Mayo Center For The Performing Arts, Morristown, N.J. September 14, 2010

  2. There's no doubt in my mind that Bernie would win against president "very big and stable brain" Trump. But I'm quite sure the Russians will rig the election. If not the Russians then possibly Ralph Nader will conspire with radicals to overthrow Battle Creek Michigan. I always thought he was a commie myself. I think we need to face the fact that we may well end up with Biden as the nominee. And there's your choice! Then we can blame Putin, or is he still Trump's puppeteer of the day? I can't keep up with it all. So much blame to go around! And if Biden wins against Trump, though if there was anyone who could lose to the orange omelet it would be he, we'll have a president who is to the right of the majority of Trump voters. Now that's something to think about.

  3. updated link to charlton heston's narration of "plato :giant of philosophy"