Saturday, March 14, 2020

plague-black | ened forests consumed by a burnt • wind:

When 30 (now 60) I never imagined high-tech medieval 2020 though I knew our sociopath shitlords hankered after the feudal then and always

Miriam Bird Greenberg

Whole towns like • horses turnt loose in the bardo of •
« wild » fire’s roiling, locust-clouded « our » stampede—as if
ignoring a war two counties over meant it couldn’t come
closer—plague-black | ened forests consumed by a burnt
• wind: « and untamable » a lithe and lumbering creature cities-
sized, mitosis-prone, come to lick clean the tinder « tender
ly » face of village mid-stampede. Caressing • lost wedding
pictures, kitchen tables, • dogs lured in « runaway » terror in
to the inferno, it leaps roads in its roving. Whole towns re
made over • and far • in « night » parking lots where « away »
wander once-middle-class refugees the fire’s made. Atop
an RV, a parrot’s perched, and for its human from whom
it’s learned, its gift: Fuck you. Its every world of instinct • breach
ed, and black « trust- » its human-made ruin. Hello?


  1. 1)miriam bird greenberg's poem is titled Paradise, California

    2)the penultimate word of her initial line is bardo - a verse with that title is


    It's been easy until now
    But you'll likely question how
    You have traveled far, it's true
    But there's much more left to do
    For it's time to pay the toll
    And we never know the sum of what we owe
    You can't go back from where you came
    You must move on and face the flame
    Of the last bardo

    You can pray unto your god
    But your prayers will bring you naught
    For in here you bear the scar
    Of exactly what you are
    It matters not what you believe
    And it matters even less what you think you know
    So put on your little show
    But no further will you go
    Til you pass the last bardo

    You will surrender all you hide
    And be cleansed and purified
    And of you burden you'll be free
    If it takes eternity in the last bardo

    todd rundgren wrote it, and performs it with reverberating guitar chords (a la robin trower, some have said)

    3)speaking of reaping what one sows, here's a prognostication from the former acting administrator of the centers for medicare and medicaid services

  2. I got an email from Bank of America. Seems they'd be happy to help me financially if I get this fucking corona virus. I'll bet. Here in Marrkuh everything is an opportunity if you just look at it the right way.