Thursday, March 12, 2020

The Bold, Enduring Menace of Courtship Is Upon Us Like the Plague, and None of Us Can Say What Trouble Will Be Precipitated Once It Has Had Its Way with Us

  • Been yodeling about Micronesian islands without extradition treaties and Montana missile silos since this blog's start
  • our fucking shitlords' actuaries and algorithmists and psyop cyclops and pucking figs and psychopath upper management shitlord wannabes and slathering megaphone grifters been hankering for a mass peasant culling, not necessarily right now and just this one, but the bug's a feature not a bug
  • New Wire!


John Ashbery

Furthermore, Mr. Tuttle used to have to run in the streets.   
Now, each time friendship happens, they’re fully booked.   
Sporting with amaryllis in the shade is all fine and good,   
but when your sparring partner gets there first   
you wonder if it was all worth it. “Yes, why do it?”   
I’m on hold. It will take quite a lot for this music   
to grow on me. I meant no harm. I’ve helped him   
from getting stuck before. Dumb thing. All my appetites are friendly.   
Children too are free to go and come as they please.   
I ask you only to choose between us, then shut down this election.   
But don’t reveal too much of your hand at any given time.   
Then up and pipes the major, leave the hand in,   
or change the vows. The bold, enduring menace of courtship is upon us   
like the plague, and none of us can say what trouble   
will be precipitated once it has had its way with us.   
Our home is marshland. After dinner was wraparound.   
You got a tender little look at it.   
Outside, it never did turn golden.


  1. The greatest nation ever:

  2. Like Maria Bustillios, I also have had a "cold" since Monday. As I work for a megalithic healthcare corporation, I contacted a person, who advised my symptoms do not meet current testing criteria for 2019-CoV. "Let us know if you get worse," they added.

  3. Wife has (a few short of) 5k FB friends, three report having tested positive for the famous Corona and that it felt like a "mild flu"... how long before we start hearing about a "Super Corona" that can do a better job of scaring the pants off of us...?