Friday, August 14, 2020

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

  • So, nevernote again, my eyes
  • Not the writing in ink but reading my handwriting the next day 
  • You could put a piece of paper with a blank typing keyboard copied in front of me, I could not fill in the alphabet, I type faster with more correctly spelled words than I can handwrite
  • This was a required Emergency Jeff Alert System Test
  • Jeff succeeded, deleted, something he can't do with inked tortured justification in 5X5 per inch quad re: second bullet (with gourmand ink)
  • In high school, 45 years ago, I took a typing class in the new bowels of Trojan High School, same level as the frau's German class, the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
  • Couldn't then at all much less as flawlessly as just now in two or three seconds, and including this brag, not one accusatory algorithm-generated you're an idiot red squiggle in not more than ten seconds
  • Latest flag, first coat


Matthew Zapruder 

Today in El Paso all the planes are asleep on the runway. The world
is in a delay. All the political consultants drinking whiskey keep
their heads down, lifting them only to look at the beautiful scarred
waitress who wears typewriter keys as a necklace. They jingle
when she brings them drinks. Outside the giant plate glass windows
the planes are completely covered in snow, it piles up on the wings.
I feel like a mountain of cell phone chargers. Each of the various
faiths of our various fathers keeps us only partly protected. I don’t
want to talk on the phone to an angel. At night before I go to sleep
I am already dreaming. Of coffee, of ancient generals, of the faces
of statues each of which has the eternal expression of one of my feelings.
I examine my feelings without feeling anything. I ride my blue bike
on the edge of the desert. I am president of this glass of water.

1 comment:

  1. 1)with respect to forming letters by hand -

    like davidly, i too had a teacher who encouraged me to try writing with the politically correct hand

    and i did, for a while - a few weeks - but it was easier for me to return to my innate tendency

    it was in public school in falls church va in the 1950s

    kindly, grandmotherly mrs adams - it was either the 4th or 5th grade - no pressure, presented it to me as "a development possibly to your advantage"

    1.5)and speaking of typewriters - i remember with pleasure when the ibm selectric became available - by changing the typeball one could change fonts, and by pressing a button one could go backwards, typing over errors with the white-out ribbon

    2)about the future direction of the republic in case an election that removes trump actually takes place - at the american prospect david dayen points out that although the Owners are rejoicing that kamala will presumably be our next president, and that it is probable she will continue serving them - on the other hand sometimes surprising things happen

    Or maybe she will choose to be an ally, a politician wise enough to get in front of the parade of policy boldness that ultimately is the only way to forestall the next, more competent Trump. Maybe she recognizes a restless population battered by decades of disappointment and disparity, and a policy bankruptcy exposed by pandemic, and will position herself thusly.

    Maybe or maybe not. The choice is hers.

    3)with respect to expatriation to the great multicultural north with one's beloved spouse upon mutual retirement, this is - from my own perspective - a consummation devoutly to be wished - and one to which i have devoted some attention and effort

    some paperwork lies ahead of you two before such gladness comes to pass

    perhaps your spouse already has her citizenship certificate - if so she is ahead of me - my application for my canadian citizenship by descent certificate was received in early december 2019, acknowledged by email in february 2020, and is still stuck in the queue prior to processing

    will it be processed during my lifetime? if it IS processed, will the treatment it receives be affected by current circumstances - even if the laws and rules do not change, the people who actually do the work will necessarily have changed - they live and move and have their being in the world as they perceive it - THIS is the future, you got to LIVE it, or LIVE WITH it - when my application is in front of them, will they think of themselves as rescuing a lost canadian, or as turning away an infectious american?

    once citizenship is established, there comes the application for the permanent residency permit for the spouse - more elaborate and an order of magnitude more expensive than the citizenship by descent process

    the government of canada invites you to learn more about the place at