Wednesday, August 12, 2020

fund the orchard's ekphrastic abysm

  • My apologies, I hadn't accidentally posted a draft like I did last night in months if not years, the first thing I try to do when starting a draft is schedule it for 2029 so even when I mistakenly click PUBLISH it doesn't
  • Draft meant to be published tomorrow, as in Thursday, but having primed the feeds last night I feel I need post today
  • And my apologies, I am not going to post new Throwing Muse songs today, they, like a disquieting number of old favorites, musicians and novelists and poets and artists, don't whisper to me like once I don't hear their whispers like once
  • Fleabus, however, photo from last night, remains the best cat ever

  • Everyone knows everyone collecting that winning $1 for a $100 bet
  • Does anyone know anyone who knows anyone who honestly thought Elizabeth Warren would get the nod?
  • Does anyone know anyone who knows anyone who honestly thought it *wouldn't* be Harris?
  • This year a generational reset, she's 53, a cop, she's sociopath OKed, if Dem gerontologists can keep Joe's blood pressure 0 above 0 until day after midterms Harris could rule ten years when she'd be 65, kingmaker for another twenty years, *her* vpotus beyond, dothercucking mefocrats
  • Snark aside, this is what I'd do if I was them, know yourself, know your enemies, something else my Uncle George (I've cause to think of him) counseled
  • Life in the stockholm syndrome indoctorination ocene, I wouldn't have thought twenty-five years ago, dumbfuck


G.C. Waldrep


  1. Wait, they're tearing down Congressional Plaza to make it Pike and Rose with Wegmans? Jeebus. I really had no fucking clue I'd live this long.

    1. I think it's the other side of the street, the abandoned Hooters, the shopping center w Yekta.

      Barnes and Noble just moved from Super Giant shopping center to Congressional Plaza, I don't think they'd have signed a lease if Congressional Plaza on current chopping block, but of course I could be wrong.

  2. Oh, that could be, but it says corner of Halpine and the pike. Could be weird office block next to Liberty, the TGIF shopping center, or the other corner, but they just built all those condos and shit on that side of Halpine. Shit, east side of the Pike is even worse, cluster-wise. Rockville wants to be Bethesda, Gburg wants to be Rockville, forever and ever.

  3. 1)that's a good looking cat photo

    2)bernie tweeted - and were i in his position i would have done the same -

    Congratulations to @KamalaHarris, who will make history as our next Vice President. She understands what it takes to stand up for working people, fight for health care for all, and take down the most corrupt administration in history. Let’s get to work and win.

    3)even after looking up the word ekphrastic i couldn't get anything out of waldrep's poem here - however with respect to or in juxtaposition with charlestown, south carolina, 1989 it has been written

    The pads on most modern touch-tones still recapitulate the alphabet
    three letters at a time, but no one cares. Nobody dials that way any more,

    4)further up maryland 355 in gburg the fate of the lakeforest mall is still in flux - of the four anchor stores only one is still in operation - macy's - a repurposing of the property as an amazon distribution center has been mooted, or maybe not - no decisions are final yet

    5)and speaking of amazon, at their website this morning i purchased something from powell's books [after reading about it at yet another bookseller's page]

  4. gregg dechirico, now living in florida, writes

    Out of economic and psychological necessity, I took a job with one of the Big Box Essential Businesses, but I am a naturalist at heart, most content when immersed in a wild setting, captivated by most anything that crosses my path. I love snakes, even the venomous species, among the most highly evolved of all reptiles. However, most people react to snakes with a compulsion to kill. Case in point, my coworker, Joe Z., ordinarily humble, helpful, affable beyond measure. Joe and I were talking casually about local wildlife when he declared that he will drive his truck onto the sidewalk if necessary to kill any snake he sees.

    I tried reasoning, most snakes are benign unless provoked…, but a sentence scarcely passed my lips when his face contorted and he flew into a rant. “They” are… “snakes! They are evil.” Something about Adam and Eve, and how “we” lost everything. “Remember the apple, she got it from the snake!” Faced with his conviction, all I could manage to say was, “Oh, Joe, I used to like you.” To which he laughed agreeably, because he thought I was joking.

    It struck me later that Joe is deeply mad. Spiritually, he feels he has been robbed. He blames snakes and seeks retribution through their wanton execution, but the enemy could be anything: face masks, BLM, Democrats, Republicans, Confederate flags, libtards, Muslims, migrants, vote by mail.