Friday, October 30, 2020

One More Name Cut in the Scar of Your Tongue

2020 October 29

Pjoepf of Vriecyh

Life in the Overdoseasilyocene
Jeff, stack firewood for me or don’t bother


  • Almost everyone I know knows Joe Biden is evil but believes him less evil than Donald Trump and believes that revelations, cynically timed before the election (I mean, fucking god, just before the election!), however credible, revealing the depth of the Bidens' corruption, however minor and normal compared to the dumpster-fire evil of the Diaper King's, need be dismissed as propaganda when they can't be outright squelched as an honorable exercise in deceit in order to rid the country of the grosser evil
  • I long ago stopped reading and following Greenwald or paying attention to the intermittent outbreaks of tboggian libsmears for and against him, and I have no doubt that Greenwald's decision to performatively quit Intercept *now* a shitty and self-serving move meant to garner maximum attention ahead of his next money-paying gig, but read a good take on Greenwald: The Goddamn Affair and Moon* on Intercept v Greenwald for a colossal reminder that there is no lesser-evilism between our shitlords' Yankees and Red Sox, just evil deployed differently for each teams' fanbase. 

  1. Says the guy who happily wallows in his shitlord-provided bogs of cracker-hate
  2. There are only two posts a year here not tagged My Complicity 
  3. Fleabus photo two nights ago, bce
  4. Not one poem in Poetry Foundation's archives uses "dumpster," the fuck?
  5. The New OK: a view from Wisco 
  6. The New Necessary: If this year has radicalized me, it has further radicalized me against the form of cruel capitalism we are sentenced to believing is the only reality. We all know it is unfair, unsustainable, and both exhausted and exhausting. The cycle of abuse that is referred to in addiction recovery is an appropriate metaphor for our systemic injustices and insanities — and part of my own difficult path this year has been acknowledging that I am more afraid of breaking my unhealthy patterns than I am of changing and actually feeling better.
  7. Motherfucking pigs: Incredible thread: Philly police smashed out the windows of a car, snatched the kid that was sitting inside with his parents, then tweeted a photo of saying they'd found him lost on the street and that they're "the only thing standing between Order & Anarchy"
  8. Divided against each other, united for the machine
  9. Capitalism, the economy, the pandemic
  10. A prediction: If 1) Donald Trump is elected to and serves a second term as president, and 2) the Democrats take control of the Senate, the Democrats will pass, and Trump will sign, a "Medicare For All" or other "single-payer" healthcare law.
  11. Euthydemusian Bullshit
  12. Screenshot poetics 
  13. At Hasard
  14. *Thanks to Charley and K for reminding me Moon is not Billmon 
  15. An astonishing aggregating post and according to the bleggalaggregatinggaze possibly the last
  16. Tepeyólotl 
  17. Today's confession: I don't think The Lost Scrapbook all that, but if you want an eBook of it it's now available 
  18. Seven syllables
  19. bleggalaggreatinggaze
  20. bless Serendipity
  21. Bandcamping Autumn 2020
  22. Franz Wright interview
  23. I already found #18's CD but 
  24. Zoviet Franz Wright would be a great band  
  25. New Superchunk!
  26. Early edition of Weekend forgotten CD's found on Jeff's shelves: 


Franz Wright

You do look a little ill.
But we can do something about that, now.

Can’t we.
The fact is you’re a shocking wreck.
Do you hear me.

You aren’t all alone.

And you could use some help today, packing in the
dark, boarding buses north, putting the seat back and grinning with terror flowing over your legs through your fingers and hair . . .
I was always waiting, always here.
Know anyone else who can say that.
My advice to you is think of her for what she is: one more name cut in the scar of your tongue.
What was it you said, “To rather be harmed than
harm, is not abject.”

Can we be leaving now.

We like bus trips, remember. Together

we could watch these winter fields slip past, and
never care again,
think of it.

I don’t have to be anywhere.

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