Sunday, November 1, 2020

My Grandfather Was Busy Splitting My Grandmother's Skull with and Ax, Which Struck Me as Excessive Behavior Even for Him

  • I understand weaponizing crackers, my infinite contempt rampages, my hate-grapes cobalt and filled with vegan hot and sour soup
  • Pigs pepper spray peaceful protesters? My anger
  • Crackers try to run a Biden campaign bus off an interstate? My anger
  • Concession by me: if my vote was necessary in a close battleground state (it's not) I would vote to make cracker heads explode when I go to vote Tuesday for Board of Education candidates my elementary school teacher wife advises me and to vote against motherfucking Fobin Ricker
  • For what it's worth, a chair I'm friends with who academics this shit told me over coffee last Tuesday if Biden wins by his/her/their model shit will be real but over quickly
  • that his/her/their contacts tell him/her/they that given druthers most shitlords would choose four safe years of Democratic soft republicanism to four more years of Trumpian chaos 
  • that they want authoritarianism not totalitarianism, at least not Trump's
  • but if his/her/their model wrong by even two points KABLOOEY!
  • As I scanned chapters into PDF for his class on Wednesday I thought, duh
  • Last great Fall foliage weekend of the year, partially damaged by Friday's storm, good news, Winter woods soon, and fewer people in woods!


  • This has been the basis of my thinking Biden will win clean enough: As ever, Trump has said the quiet parts loud, and this could be part of his downfall. One thing this very open display of suppression has done is to make everyone very knowledgeable about voting operations in their particular states. In Pennsylvania that translates into getting ballots in early and following the various other steps. To the extent there are late-arriving ballots they could be more Republican than expected. And turnout is likely to be much stronger than if one party wasn’t signaling the removal of fundamental rights. You can see the effort to chip away at the Democratic advantage at the margins, and then call victory in an attempt to shut down more counting. But you can also see how it might backfire.
  • My friend the chair underestimates (a) the moral imperative of ratfuckery instilled in shitlords Ratfucker division (b) underestimates (as do I) the number of people who will vote Trump and tell you they didn't and (c) underestimates our shitlords, doesn't consider them the fucks I do, does not think their long game the same long game I do, and (d) got it wrong in 2016
  • Grin and bear it: fuck stoicism
  • Stiffing his crackers
  • Politics is prologue
  • More on Greenwald in particular and media in general: Powerful people pour so very much energy into manipulating how the masses think, act and vote, and news reporters are constantly interfacing with that severely polluted stream of information. For this reason the most heavily propagandized people in the world are those who are responsible for distributing propaganda, namely the news media. As the final guardians of society's incredible shrinking Overton window, reporters are necessarily the group who will be most aggressively pushed within that window
  • { feuilleton }'s weekly links 
  • There are a half-dozen new links on blegrells, take a look, and the first of the month culling of the hibernating and/or comatose and/or dead from active blegrells to cemetery blegrells has happened, no one has been deleted just moved so if you stir and float to top of mortuary I notice you're alive, as always, if you are Kinding me and me not you let me know, as always, if there's someone somewhere something you think I should be reading let me know, as always, thanks for reading
  • REM and Borth Nethesda - this is true, I was dating a woman who knew the woman who went back to Rockville at the time
  • American Beauty is fifty
  • Robert Pollard's birthday is Halloween, he turned 63 yesterday, Guided by Voices and his other projects in the innermost circle of rotating chairs in My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game




Franz Wright

My grandfather was busy splitting my grandmother's skull with an ax, which struck me as excessive behavior even for him - oh, I see: she'd first flown in the window and, folding her black vespertilian wings, had bitten his neck pretty bad, which quite naturally resulted in instantaneous rabies, then their mutual demise, why didn't I think of that? A conical mountain rose in the distance, a road winding around and around it like the thread of a screw, on it children in white chadors descending slowly in song (the two of them reborn in their company), I never heard anything like it. Each then releasing from hands now unfolded from prayer scarlet moths who darkened the air, the sound of their voices like faraway choirs heard while dying by fire for the cause.


  1. ..."which _struck_ me"? Really?

    In other news, "2020, 24 hours to go. I wanna' be sedated!"

  2. Thankee as always. The conundrum in choosing Uncle Joe Bison (who gives you a spoonful of molasses with That Plutonium) goes on. On the Other Hand there is He, Whose Brain Is Squirming Like A Toad. 'Let the children play / Cause we're fucked either way'.

    In local news: One Hand says, "I believed in American exceptionalism to the degree that I never believed what we're living through to be possible," and the Other Hand says, "Given everything, what other conclusion could you have expected?"