Sunday, November 8, 2020

A Condition in Which Lacerations Are Liable to Occur

The Debussy prelude related to what's at the below link for 2020 November 7, the Baker & Chowder, posted for you to listen to (or not) when reading the links below (or not), they're fresh (and with little new fresh me-barking today)


  1. The Law of Diminishing Utilitarianism
  2. Within fifteen minutes of media’s universal thumb’s up from some shitlord four-star thumbs-upper John Kasich says Biden will trash Social Security
  3. I’m not kidding
  4. Hold on: I have been narrating our country’s toboggan ride to hell for much of my adult life, and I can attest that Biden’s triumph by itself is not enough to bring it to a stop. It will never stop until a Democratic president faces up to his party’s mistakes and brings to a halt the ignoble experiment of the last four decades.
  5. President Pence, I see Mike Pence on silly Too Soon To Rank So Let’s Rank 2024 Contenders, Pence has one chance to be president and it’s coming soon, just agree to infamously pardon Trump Inc, does honorable Mike Pence do it? 
  6. Totalitarian dictator to leave office after losing attention: The record turnout for Biden wasn’t for Biden. It wasn’t even really to stop Trump. Ultimately, though most voters were unconscious of their true motive, it was to stop the mass media from shrieking hysterical bullshit in their faces all the time and making them feel crazy. Lots more there
  7. How Trump lost: Among the richest Americans—those earning over $100,000—Trump substantially improved his margin of victory over 2016. But in blue-collar America, his support crumbled. Some of that shift may be because of Trump’s opponent, but much of it is because of Trump himself. Except perhaps on trade, he turned out not to be the economic populist he vowed to be in 2016.
  8. Oblivion: Now, what I'm saying is that even with the pandemic, Trump came within a hair's breadth of retaining states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona. Had the GOP Senate leadership agreed to pass a second stimulus bill, Trump would probably be coasting to a second term. As it is, the failure to get to grips with the virus, the concomitant economic misery and the lack of public support, is probably the major reason why Trump's margin slightly reduced among white male voters. It is certainly the only thing that added life to Biden's otherwise minimalist, vague campaign
  9. The above two are paywalled, if you want a PDF send me an email 
  10. What we owe Trump.
  11. The Left's silence during the imperial election
  12. Maggie's weekly links 
  13. { feuilleton }'s weekly links 
  14. 2020 November 7 one and only draft, the DeBussy related to Baker & Chowder




Franz Wright

If I stare into it long enough, the point comes when I don't know what it's called, a condition in which lacerations are liable to occur, like a slip of the tongue; when a single drop of blood might billow in a glass of water, blooming in velvet detonation and imparting to it the colorless, tasteless, and sourceless fear in which I wake.


  1. here's a call to arms to diehard trumpistas who want to resist a stolen election from larry c. johnson - see wikipedia bio for his career, notable contribution to civic discourse, etc

    strikingly, it turns out johnson thinks that even fox news is part of the demonic plot against the soul of america

    johnson's peroration:

    I understand the gut churning fear that many of you feel. I also understand the seething rage that has yet to manifest itself. Here the radical left, masquerading as Democrats, have made a fatal mistake. They assume we will go quietly into the Gulag. They don’t know America.

    in the context of his earlier statement

    So far, Trump supporters are keeping their powder dry–literally and figuratively. They are going to give the institutions, particularly the Justice Department, the opportunity to set things right in accordance with the law. But there is a limit to their patience. I know that Donald Trump understands this point, it remains to be seen if Attorney General Bill Barr grasps the situation. From what I know of Bill Barr, especially from friends who are close with Barr, he understands the danger and the implications perhaps even better than President Trump.

    it seems clear that johnson is advocating that those who think the election is stolen take direct action if the attorney general and the supreme court are not able to reverse biden's alleged victory - among the practical steps he urges is

    Fifth, if you own a firearm make damn sure you know how to use it. You must know without a doubt how to safely load, unload, fire and clean your weapon. There are thousands of NRA instructors ready to assist.

    i wonder what will happen next

  2. 1)another conceivable but seemingly unlikely future is hypothesized in thomas frank's recent piece in the guardian, charmingly headlined as "ding dong, the jerk is gone - but read this before you sing the hallelujah chorus"

    frank points out that [Biden's] years in the US Senate overlap almost precisely with his party’s famous turn to the “third way” right, and Biden personally played a leading role in many of the signature initiatives of the era: Nafta-style trade agreements, lucrative favors for banks, tough-on-crime measures, proposed cuts to social security, even. What Biden must understand now, however, is that it was precisely this turn, this rightward shift in the 1980s and 90s, that set the stage for Trumpism....

    I have been narrating our country’s toboggan ride to hell for much of my adult life, and I can attest that Biden’s triumph by itself is not enough to bring it to a stop. It will never stop until a Democratic president faces up to his party’s mistakes and brings to a halt the ignoble experiment of the last four decades.

    Should Joe Biden do that, he might be able to see that he has before him a moment of great Democratic possibility. This country has grown sick of plutocracy. We don’t enjoy sluicing everything we earn into the bank accounts of a few dozen billionaires. We want a healthcare system that works and an economy in which ordinary people prosper, even people who didn’t go to a fancy college. Should Biden open his eyes and overcome his past, he may discover that he has it in his power to rebuild our sense of social solidarity, to make the middle-class promise real again, and to beat back the right. All at the same time.

    Thomas Frank is the author of The People, No: A Brief History of Anti-Populism.

    it would be surprising to me if the biden bunch experiences the metanoia that thomas frank calls for - but as the familiar proverb puts it, you never know when something surprising might happen

    2)speaking of the familiar - i have seen it asserted that jeopardy shows with the late alex trebek were taped up through dec 25 of this year

    missus charley and i intend to watch these

    2.7)i am reminded of the comedy troupe firesign theatre's last album for columbia records - in the next world, you're on your own