Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Topic This Morning Is an Unparaphrasable Logic Constructed from Parallelisms and Images and Held Together, on Occasion, by Nothing but the Magical Non-Sequitur


Franz Wright

Like the condom in a pinch one size fits all.

Woods have toggled to Winter, this from Sunday's lovely two and a half mile loop one way and then the other at Bucklodge Conservancy between Slidell and Peach Tree in brilliant late afternoon early November light.

Fuckers gonna nipple/balls/clit-clamp you and hand-crank the car battery every day the rest of your life, I can't retreat to the woods but I can resort to them


Franz Wright

Good morning class. Today
we're going to be discussing
the deplorable adventures
of Franz Wright and his gory flute.
Just kidding. The topic this morning

is an unparaphrasable logic constructed
from parallelisms and images
and held together, on 
occasion, by nothing
but the magical non-sequitur

but the hell with that.
We should really examine
your life, the one you bought,
and what happened when you got home
and attempted to assemble it:

that disfiguring explosion
no one witnessed, no one heard,
which you yourself cannot recall,
and by whose unimaginable light you seek
to write the name of beauty

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  1. "Wanna know the future?" O'Brien said. "Imagine a $10,000 Prada Monk-Strap Loafer, stomping on a human face, forever."