Saturday, November 7, 2020

Not Until She Has Cleaned Up Her Vegetables and Finished Her Homework

Mocomofos know this bridge and it's history, but behold! Dorothy now Donald!

I have no reason to be on the Beltway coming downhill from Georgia towards Connecticut this weekend and into the foreseeable future (the last time I was downhill towards Connecticut was driving home from Maine in July), and while I'm curious if it's already been painted over I'm not curious enough to drive the three miles from my house to Georgia and turn around back downhill to actually look

  • Peter Hammill born 72 years ago day before yesterday, beyond his music there's this, we actually were emailing yesterday before I discovered I'd forgot Hammill's birthday Thursday
  • Above photo copied from Post article
  • Nobody believes in the integrity of American elections, Republican operative rage is solely their disbelief Democrats out-cheated them, and their insistence this particular game isn't over nothing more than their insistence this particular game is not over
  • It's not over
  • Everybody cheats
  • Murder Inc's new management
  • Capitalism won
  • I will never again make the mistake of thinking female crackers will vote for anyone not cracker again
  • Trump's endgame



  • The strange rehabilitation of Trump begins: “A lot of what Trump says is the opposite of what he means. That’s true of all of us, to some extent,” the president’s friend said. But when Trump said he didn’t mind losing to Biden, even though he famously hates losers of any ilk, his friend believed him. “He doesn’t believe losing is shameful — quitting is bad. Losing isn’t,” this person said. “He’s afraid. He’s the most insecure, afraid person ever. He’s too afraid to be president. He’s afraid to exercise power. He’s afraid to do the job. It’s why he’s overbearing and crazy — he sabotages himself constantly because he hates himself and wants out. He’s always trying to hurt himself. That guy commits more self-harm than anyone I’ve ever encountered.” 
  • No, you did not vote against fascism when you voted for Biden 
  • Today in motherfucking Democrats
  • Everyone has been yodeling this since 2016, but the next authoritarian will be a more skillful authoritarian than Trump: I suspect that the Republican leadership is sanguine, if not happy, about Trump’s loss. It’s striking how quickly Fox News called Arizona for Biden, and how many Republican leaders have condemned the president’s rage-tweeting and attempts to stop the count. They know that Trump is done, and they seem fine with it. For them, what’s not to like? The Supreme Court is solidly in their corner; they will likely retain control of the Senate; House Republicans won more seats than they were projected to; and they are looking at significant gains in state Houses as well, giving them control over redistricting for the next decade. Even better for their long-term project, they have diversified their own coalition, gaining more women candidates and more support from nonwhite voters

  • Worth considering: That last declaration was my attempt to sum up the true motivation of roughly 50% of the American population: Trump was elected by addressing not White supremacists who feel they have lost out in a new world they are (it is derisively implied) too stupid to compete in, but by addressing those who feel scammed and disgusted by the decisions of the political and cultural elite over the past 30 years.
  • I think the above discounts the cracker, but I know I overestimate the cracker, and Trump's popularity *is* driven in large part by his anti-establishment credentials which seem, despite his being the establishment, enough of a genuine idiot savant of cracker grievances to appeal to those soul-tattooed crackers on a subconscious level the cotton hawleys won't
  • The soul-tattooed crackers will of course cracker for cotton hawleys, but they won't love cotton hawleys like they love Trump
  • I don't give a fucking fly about desecrating the flag, but fucks who do give a flying fuck about desecrating the flag desecrate the fuck out of the flag
  • Fox is COMMUNISTS11!!!
  • Canavan's still existing links
  • Just ordered the new Bialosky
  • Franz Wright interview: If there are themes they are always the same, I think, in my books—the world as it was presented to me as a very young boy was a horrifying and hideous place of danger and fear which I have struggled very hard all my life to turn, within my own small range, into one of compassion and beauty, and I am quite sure I failed, but I can say I did try and that the poems are one result of that attempt
  • Monkey Mind, a new Denise Duhamel poem written two days after Tuesday's election


Franz Wright

The child psychiatrist will not be seeing any patients this evening. Not until she has cleaned up her vegetables and finished her homework, and that's all there is to it. Afterward she is perfectly free to meet with you alone, even to sit on your knee like a cheerful ventriloquist's dummy; or should she choose, lie down on the couch and ask that you tell a story, your most beautiful and sinister story.

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