Saturday, July 17, 2021

I Do Not Labor Except to Season My Domain

Tonight at midnight + one minute in whatever timezone my free blogging platform's bot operates said bot will try to charge my credit card to renew my domain name, see you tomorrow or not
Mania white truthVast early AmericaTracking deer across poisoned landscapeApproachingstorm
If Trump did this we'd freak the fuck out
CollectiveThom Gunn interviewTazartès
Out of nowhere yesterday this Death of Samantha song played in my head, the songs poems novels people I've forgot

2021 July 17
Pjoepf of Vriecyh

How many times do you think you’ve pissed in your life?
I will be 62 in six weeks do the math that’s 22,630 days
4 into 62 add 15.5 days for leap years = 22,645.5 days
x how many times you pissed a day on average
factoring age, medical history, especially UTIs
plumbing and sump pump problems, weight fluctuations
everything you’ve forgot not just the last time you pissed

My problem acknowledging
Shitlords censoring crackers to incite crackers
yes to incite crackers but more incite me?
Works, visa versa of course, fractionally Shittier Chow when necessary!
The valence of -.06% less-shittyism

For the oofed time tonight I remind myself not to explain, here’s
why How many times now? I don’t keep count


Cal Bedient


Who does me this I whistle off
brazen as the green of the Palestinian flag

Strange wishful little books clot my fur
I do not labor except to season my domain

Through seven holes all things twitter
I reject the disjecta of allegory

A sluttery roller skate grips my shoe


Is there enough chaos in you to make a world?

The feather on the egg is the horse under the bed

The New England winter is still raw and long

The summer is intense and abandoned

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