Friday, October 29, 2021

What World Is Using My Voice to Call Your Name

Finished a novel! Joshua Cohen's The Netanyahus: An Account of a Minor and Ultimately Even Negligible Episode in the History of a Very Famous Family, "generational campus novel, an unyielding academic lecture, a rigorous meditation on Jewish identity, an exhaustive meditation on Jewish-American identity, a polemic on Zionism, a history lesson. It is an infuriating, frustrating, pretentious piece of work — and also absorbing, delightful, hilarious, breathtaking and the best and most relevant novel I’ve read in what feels like forever," and I vouch, laugh out loud funny, wicked smart, smart, helps process current clusterfuck, says apostate roman catholic. This the novel I said I started and figured I jinxed, so *not* fuck me for the first time in a long time

Bought that last night, it's new! Bought this last night, it's new!

Bought at Brad's, buy from independent bookstores please, pay for the shipping, enjoy the delayed gratification please, don't buy a shitlord a rocketship, one of the many steps I'm trying in my program to De-seethe Jeff, or at least reduce seething, works now and then, not much to tell the truth. 

Another step: I am trying to condense the various clusterfuckful strands into one all-compassing metaphor, of course I choose motherfucking helmetball, why the fuck are you watching helmetball for entertainment, it's the high fructose syrup of Shitlordtopia, the oxycotin of propagandistic messaging, the finest metaphor for your immiseration abounding 

Why are you watching helmetball?
Can we outgrow capitalism?
Catastrophe capitalism
The great recoil of neoliberal globalism?
Catastrophe capitalism
A requiem for carbon capitalism?
Economics after neoliberalism
Why are you watching helmetball?
Motherfucking Democrats poster child
Reflections on women and animals
I really wish this shitsmear didn't look like my brother
Why are you watching helmetball?
Revolt of the essential workers?
Capitalism is violence
McAuliffe is *so* gonna lose
Poem of the Weak (a short story)
On Frank Bidart's latest (and canon)
David Bowie's post-modernism
Why are you watching helmetball?


Charlie Smith

I am your lifeguard, remote
and mindful, a wind that throws itself from tree to tree

that catches the constellations facing the other way
before they trip

in this prison they call the future
this mixed, pollinated sea they call a prison

I consider all the apple trees that died during my lifetime

the cheap figurines of Cantinflas
Xs on a calendar in the horse diver’s room

upon the bleached ribs of a goatherd a civilization is founded
the clean T-shirts of the murderer’s child they say

under moonlight the towboat comes in
what world is using my voice to call your name

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  1. 1/speaking of outgrowing capitalism, as marco dondi does in his forthcoming book, i wondered what he might be advocating - it turns out to be monetary system reform along with something along the lines of a universal basic income

    See also

    1.5/dondi has written a quiz on 'how does capitalism serve us today'

    2/moving from the political to the personal - in other news, i got the Healthy Minds app for my smart phone this morning after watching a video of surgeon general vivek murthy in conversation with richie davidson

    3/as robert louis stevenson said, 'the world is so full of such marvelous things i am sure we should all be as happy as kings'

    4/more later - if circumstances allow