Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Just Stiff with Leaf Sure and Dear and Appearing and Last

Peak piedmont Maryland Thursday through weekend barring violent windstorm, hurry. Muddy Branch Trail Saturday past, Ten Mile Creek Trail Sunday the photos, I promised myself to mention I'll not mention the personal significance of either trail again so the easier of the two promises to keep kept. If you can only do one do Ten Mile Creek Trail, park on 121 south of the reservoir bridge, best trail in Moco

I like trees. You really think it'll be DeSantis a friend never involved in a previous Thursday Night Pint gag asked me yesterday and I didn't tell him/her/they about the TNP gag though I'm telling you, I said, skids seemed greased, if corpse of Trump the nominee then DeSantis Trump's corpse's Paul Bearer, and I promised myself afterward to mention to you that I'll not do either gag in that sentence again after this post so the easier of the two promises to keep kept.

In lieu of eschewing two other gags whose itching drives me nuts, here's Rosie with a red ribbon instead of (a) explaining some of the links below and (b) a bleggalgaze written but not copy/pasted

The End of Literature, part four
I've yodeled about these fucks and their whisperers since I met my first Future Farmer of American at GJHS in Fall 1972
Spiders are smarter than most think
I've yodeled about these fucks and their whisperers since I met my first Future Farmer of American at GJHS in Fall 1972
Why are the two above stories, which have been in the can and could be released at any time, released in the past three or so days before a Virginia gubernatorial election? is a necessary question, is McAuliffe gonna lost *that* bad?
The horror of capitalism
I've yodeled about these fucks and their whisperers since I met my first Future Farmer of American at GJHS in Fall 1972
Lots more fresh hell
(New Normal) Winter is coming
Above a reminder that it can be simultaneously true that covid a genuine world health risk and that what shitlords are doing under the guise of public safety is worse than the disease running rampant could ever be
Military-intelligence outfit at center of vaccine passport push
“In the entire history of mankind there has never been a political elite sincerely concerned about the wellbeing of regular people. What makes any of us think that it is different now"
What happens when the fucks and their whisperers I've yodeled about since 1972 get serious about climate change?
I've told you more than three times, shitlords' Plan A, B, C, and D = deploy the crackers, for all their algorithm savants and psychopath accountants and sociopath futurists, crackers
Avedon Carol's occasional links
EveryproinfluencerwantsYoungkinto win
Possesion is nine-tenths of the joy
Four ruminations on Gaddis' *Recognitions*
Three hours of songs about crows
Rosmarie Waldrop interview (had already found this post's poem before finding this interview, search for some now top o'blog (and get hers and her husband Keith's, more in days to come)
{ feuilleton }'s weekly links
On Dara (and Dara's Permanent Earthquake)
What I remember from my attempt at Permanent Earthquake - I thought it must be deliberately this bad, so no, and the attempt was made during peak cicadas this past summer
In this short life that only lasts an hour


Lisa Robertson

First all belief is paradise. So pliable a medium. A time not very long. A transparency caused. A conveyance of rupture. A subtle transport. Scant and rare. Deep in the opulent morning, blissful regions, hard and slender. Scarce and scant. Quotidian and temperate. Begin afresh in the realms of the atmosphere, that encompasses the solid earth, the terraqueous globe that soars and sings, elevated and flimsy. Bright and hot. Flesh and hue. Our skies are inventions, durations, discoveries, quotas, forgeries, fine and grand. Fine and grand. Fresh and bright. Heavenly and bright. The day pours out space, a light red roominess, bright and fresh. Bright and oft. Bright and fresh. Sparkling and wet. Clamour and tint. We range the spacious fields, a battlement trick and fast. Bright and silver. Ribbons and failings. To and fro. Fine and grand. The sky is complicated and flawed and we’re up there in it, floating near the apricot frill, the bias swoop, near the sullen bloated part that dissolves to silver the next instant bronze but nothing that meaningful, a breach of greeny-blue, a syllable, we’re all across the swathe of fleece laid out, the fraying rope, the copper beech behind the aluminum catalpa that has saved the entire spring for this flight, the tops of these a part of the sky, the light wind flipping up the white undersides of leaves, heaven afresh, the brushed part behind, the tumbling. So to the heavenly rustling. Just stiff with ambition we range the spacious trees in earnest desire sure and dear. Brisk and west. Streaky and massed. Changing and appearing. First and last. This was made from Europe, formed from Europe, rant and roar. Fine and grand. Fresh and bright. Crested and turbid. Silver and bright. This was spoken as it came to us, to celebrate and tint, distinct and designed. Sure and dear. Fully designed. Dear afresh. So free to the showing. What we praise we believe, we fully believe. Very fine. Belief thin and pure and clear to the title. Very beautiful. Belief lovely and elegant and fair for the footing. Very brisk. Belief lively and quick and strong by the bursting. Very bright. Belief clear and witty and famous in impulse. Very stormy. Belief violent and open and raging from privation. Very fine. Belief intransigent after pursuit. Very hot. Belief lustful and eager and curious before beauty.Very bright. Belief intending afresh. So calmly and clearly. Just stiff with leaf sure and dear and appearing and last. With lust clear and scarce and appearing and last and afresh.


  1. 1/as has been said, history is one damn thing after another - today i read tom engelhardt's latest reflection on the last 80 years or so


    2/nice photos of leaf/forest/cat

    3/speaking of winter, i am reminded of a song 'life goes on'

    life goes on, whether or not there's a reason
    life goes on, enter another season

    3.1/the song is from the beatle-esque album deface the music

    3.11/it has been written that:

    The musical arrangemnt is reminiscent of "Eleanor Rigby" and the lyrical content might hearken back to "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da."

    3.12 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHTIBanmkww

  2. Ditto re. leaf and tree and Rosie. I like the Butler, too.

  3. 4/or, supposing life as we know it doesn't go on - caitlin johnstone suggests

    And even if we are all doomed and our fate is already sealed, it doesn’t have to be all bad. Some people with terminal diagnoses will tell you they’ve been living more in their last few months of life than in all their preceding decades combined. The fact that this could all end at any time is all the more reason to treasure it with all our hearts, to become big enough to let its beauty and majesty in so we can really appreciate it. To behold this miraculous place with eyes full of wonder. To pursue spiritual enlightenment and then laugh to the heavens when we realize it’s already here.

    If you don’t succumb to doomerism and defeatism and really embrace this moment in history for what it is, this is the best possible time for a human to be alive.


    5/i myself am quite certain that life on earth of some sort will continue for the next several centuries - and beyond!

    the life of our species for that time span - very probably

    technologically advanced socioeconomic systems, a human population of this size - time will tell