Friday, November 5, 2021

the words duped by this dialectic know

My hot take: all I want to do is hike with Earthgirl (yesterday, Bucklodge, Moco)
Gaia may destroy humans before humans destroy the Earth
The Radical Promise of Human History
"The Dawn of Everything is a fascinating, radical, and playful entry into a seemingly exhaustively well-trodden genre, the grand evolutionary history of humanity. It seeks nothing less than to completely upend the terms on which the Standard Narrative rests."
My copy ordered to be picked up at my local bookstore. I wouldn't say I loved *Debt* but I liked it a lot and other Graeber work (which I rarely say about non-fiction the rare times I read non-fiction)
It's really weird how little we talk about humanity's imminent doom
Destroying the world's greatest source of fresh water
Healthcare, health outcomes, American exceptionalism
Public behaving badly a concern
The lower frequencies of class struggle
My hot take: crackers achieve Crackerstan only with shitlord assent
Can the Left afford to ditch the liberals?
Academia is a filthy racket
Switching from Russian to Chinese
My hot take: what I am writing about now I can't put here and am successfully not creating a new place to put it that I wouldn't tell you where but would once have created anyway
The second best news you will hear today
davidly's jukebox project
Georgia O'Keefe's photographs
Bolaño is "peculiarly liable to being liked in bad ways"
Four hours of 4AD music!
Have I ever mentioned I love Guided by Voices?


Rosmarie Waldrop

I (Weapons)
doubled corners
of the situation
the words duped by this dialectic
the pose of “brushing against”
                   on detail
severe eyelashes
         the weapons must
         be kept in order
         (take the
         of courtesy
         of charm)
her knees crossed
over the manner of
his undressing her
a chord
                   (deceptively resonant)
a strength of image
but scanty provisions interrupt
her concerns for doors
into sleep
the story can be carried in two hands
              I have turned on
              with shifting strands
              of light

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