Sunday, February 13, 2022

I Became the Snail I Always Was Crossing the Field in my Helmet

My welcoming committee 7 of 10 arrivals
The links in *this* grid compiled Saturday morning February 12 between 8am and 830am eastern standard time while drinking coffee on my sofa the fuck is wrong with me
Smiling teenager preening over a palm-sized sunfish he caught
Cracker congresswoman preening over a certificate misspelling her name but calling her the hottest woman in congress
Shitlord billionaire killing moneys by the truckload (and I guarantee you, in a world with millions of people who won't be missed when disappeared, he's killing truckloads of people too)
Fossil fuel company profits skyrocketing while masked as inflation
"A gratuitous, mean, nasty, hateful anti-poor policy based entirely on demagoguery pandering to ignorance and racism that will get thousands killed"
There's always money for copaganda
United States, the Olympics, baiting Russia
A motherfucker like the motherfucker I work for and the homeless!

One week return of forgotten CDs from Jeff's crates
The links in *this* grid compiled Sunday morning February 13 between 830am and 930am eastern standard time while drinking coffee on my sofa the fuck is wrong with me
Smiling preteen preens over trapped and tortured trout!
The real prisoner's dilemma
Capital dreams itselfFRESH HELL
Mobamotherfucker forever
Politicians in robes, the doom that is scotus
If you don't think shitlords see this as a perfect opportunity to explore and observe how white crackers in military uniforms will follow orders and perform against white crackers in cracker uniforms you really don't understand shitlords
What driveling times are these!
I'm yelling at Maryland Department of Natural Resources for celebrating animal torture and yelling at Montgomery County Parks for their handling of weekend traffic around my neighbor and yelling at Maryland State Highway Administration because yesterday we saw almost three almost deaths with asshole motorists and asshole bicylists dueling on River Road, if the weather is nice, it's always nuts, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I PROMISE MYSELF NOT TO YELL AT HELMETBALL IN GENERAL AND YOU FOR WATCHING IT IN PARTICULAR!
Hilltop throws a LOT of money at the mens basketball program for it to be *this* shitty (and getting steadily shittier)
The enduring power of the charlatan
Speaking of which, after a two week vacation I am back for the second half of Tokarczuk's Jacob
Fink's capitalist shell game
Maggie's weekly links{ feuilleton }'s weekly links
The puzzle of media influence
Yesterday, pictoral history and bleggalgaze


Mary Ruefle

Who won? I said.
The game’s tomorrow, he said.
And I became the snail I always was,
crossing the field in my helmet.
But I’d given it my all,
while the plane arced on its way
to a landing, when I overheard
the woman behind us say
I was gathering wildflowers to make a wreath
to lay on my mother’s grave when my son
fell off a mountain in Italy
and I felt such joy over the unknown
outcome of her words
I was not ashamed,
for I can feign interest
in the world, just as she
in that great green meadow
must have.


  1. 0/that's a 3rd cat at the top - or so it seems to me


    caitlin johnstone is the sort of person who writes

    "If the US wasn't constantly invading countries & dropping bombs & staging coups & starving civilians & fomenting unrest & arming terrorists & torturing people & escalating cold war aggressions against nuclear-armed nations, the world could find itself ruled by bad guys."

    1.1/she begins a piece published a few days ago

    Propaganda isn’t just about manufacturing consent for wars and ridiculous governmental measures we’d never normally accept. That’s what most people think of when they hear that word, but there’s so very, very much more to it than that.

    The lion’s share of propaganda goes not toward convincing us to accept new agendas of the powerful, but toward keeping us entranced in the status quo dream world which enables the powerful to have power in the first place. Toward normalizing status quo systems and training us to shape ourselves to fit into them like neat little cogs in a well-oiled machine.

    1.88/but here's her peroration

    And the good news is that just as your false view of yourself and your world shaped your human expression in the service of the powerful, the rolling back of that mind fog shapes your human expression into something else entirely. Something grounded in reality. Something authentic. Something primal. Something that exists not for the benefit of some faceless oligarchic empire, but for the same reason the grass grows and the galaxies spin in the cosmos.

    And that’s what humanity looks like on the other side of this awkward transition phase that our species is going through at this adolescent point in its development. Free from illusion. In harmony with the real. Enslaved to nobody. Striding clear-eyed into the mystery of what’s to come.

    1.98/my suggested sound track - the 4th movement of beethoven's 9th symphony

    1. Yes, that's Frankie, Napoleon's brother, hiding in the shadows as always. He's watched Napoleon trust us for fifteen years, watched his mother get brave and trust us and comes running for affection, Frankie still a coward after all these years. Trusts our food.He's welcome to live in the yard