Thursday, February 10, 2022

Pop Us Off Point-Bland with a Slim Torpedo!

  1. Article in Guardian on current Pere Ubu in general and David Thomas of course in particular and their upcoming live performance of an adoptation of the Canterbury Tales in Canterbury, Pere Ubu and other Thomas projects one of two or three, I forget, permanent members in my music Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game, I may or not have made GbV the third, who knows
  2. The article implies Thomas now lives in England
  3. He insists he isn't a Mark E. Smith megasshole and that he never fired anyone from Pere Ubu but just makes new Ubus now and then
  4. Disclosure: the previous to the current Pere Ubu my favorite Pere Ubu and three key musicians from my favorite Pere Ubu, Michelle Forbes on bass, Steve Mehlman on drums, Robert Wheeler on syncs and theremin, not in current Pere Ubu
  5. I liked every previous Ubu you're not interested in my ranking the other three Pere Ubus and the current Pere Ubu can still kick your band's ass
  6. David Thomas, 68 (I think, I'd have to look at the article again but that would be research) needs kidney dialysis three times a week and almost died on a hospital table twice
  7. No ticket to stream the live performance which blows, I'd buy one
  8. I caught as many Pere Ubu shows in a two hundred mile radius in the past forty years as logistics and money allowed
  9. including at Rock-n-Roll hotel in September 2013, Alexa and Hamster and Richard were there
  10. *That* Pere Ubu doesn't exist any longer, that was my favorite Pere Ubu, none of the others are close (though I love two of the three others and like the third)
  11. Ubu did this shitty blog's Theme Song Number Two at Rock-n-Roll Hotel in September 2013
  12. Considering what everyone knows of Thomas that's guarantee I did not request
  13. Sometimes blessings happen  .. .. ...........

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A.R. Ammons

Gosh! Imagine! How did it happen? I am
virtually a New York School poet (maybe not

virtually a poet!): I have affinities, old solid
ineradicable affinities: I just read Schuyler’s

interview and learned 48 years later that I was
there in Key West (in the Navy, I mean) just about

when Schuyler and O’Hara (both) were, and we
sailed at dawn every day out on the trainer boats

catching on to sub chasing; we were younglings
with special gifts of sound, striking sonarmen

discriminating pitch, doing theory, and learning how
to lay down depth-charge patterns on enemy hulks

(where was John, anyhow): oh, the Navy, the
sweet Navy, sound pinging out through the waters

of the Caribbean, later the Pacific, thrilling
the submarines deep down hustling to get away

or pop us off point-bank with a slim torpedo!

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