Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Polyester Lips Pressed to Sandwiches of Hair

I woke from mourning
nap Allude prance pun cellar
break Back to the duh
break Back to the duh
nap Allude prance pun cellar
I woke from mourning

Discovered myself punning ancient history last night w BFF, I feel like writing, I'm waking up from my mourning nap Elon Musk just bought twitter in the name of free speech his elevation to emperor The Maryland Department of Natural Resources tweeted (I follow (and rag on them for encouraging the torture and killing of animals but credit them generously when they build new trails, for instance)) all state-planted sunflowers (McKee-Beshers, mocos, off River Road extended past Seneca Aqueduct) are dedicated to Ukraine, I tweeted Now do Palestine and then Next do Yemen (and lost fifteen followers, laugh) Donald Trump, as I type this sentence, claims he's not interested in rejoining twitter and meantime the new asshole Republican governor of Virginia with DeSantis-sized ambition has offered to whitewash the local helmetball team of accusations of financial improprieties via the Virginia AG in exchange for the local helmetball team relocating to Loudoun County, if what a friend who would know as both a local helmetball team zealot and one who's a lawyer and understands this shit tells me is true what the shitty helmetball owner did is almost certainly illegal but his accusers don't have enough to stand up in court, the new asshole Republican governor of Virginia will turn this in a culture war wedge, see what liberals do the the Right kind of shitlord I've decided to go to Bookkeeper's good-bye function, five or ten minutes, just an appearance, be bigger than she has been, is, and will be, yes, but everyone who is there will remember if I don't show up or forget about me the minute I walk out of the room, I want to be forgot when I walk out of that room Why can't I want to be forgot here, fuck me Remember that Michigan State Senator who eloquently beat down a raving cracker and people be like, Thank You for the Path, shit that was a lifetime ago and that Big Blood song doesn't stroke my faith like once More than nap's death going on Awake to shut the fuck up impossible but not as inconceivable as once


Tom Clark

In the motel
room mirror

a yellow
light pulses

on polyester lips
pressed to sandwiches of hair