Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Step Aside, Please, While Our Officer Inspects Your Bad Attitude

Darker vibe in Michigan this trip, my mask in stores gave me away as an outsider
One incident: Harr Road / Munith MI, a potholed dirt road through gorgeous northeast Jackson County an angry white man walking middle of narrow road would not move to either side as my car approached
I thought he was oblivious, as in dazed and confused, but no, I'm the asshole, he has the right of way, he shouted
Disclaimer: I did not intentionally pack but no doubt took a darker vibe to Michigan too
Val, co-owner with her husband Lou of the Portage Lake Country Store recognized me mask and all and shouted a genuine happy hi at me when I walked in the Sunday we arrived, by Wednesday Hi! if store empty of regulars, by Saturday, empty store, not a Hi
Disclaimer: I did not wear my WFMU black sweat-shirt with the red and white paper-lamps after Day One and at no time wore in the the Portage Lake Country Store, and after Day Two did not wear my Guided by Voices octopus sweatshirt either, and I pledge I was nice and polite and said nothing but please and thank you
Disclosure: there's new Guided by Voices and, forgive me, I want pop not syrup
I scanned the Jackson County FM radio from front to back, music shitty as expected but MANY stations of God talk
People, our shitlords triggered a bomb that does not have a kill switch, happiest days of their whack christer life, I. AM. NOT. EXAGGERATING
By Wednesday I saw two Jackson County sheriffs on my daily route from Portage Lake Disc Golf to Portage Lake Market then back Seymour to Wooster to Coon Hill to home, on Thursday the same two, one escorting me from behind along Seymour, on Friday a different one in the empty parking lot besides my car at the disc golf course, same two and procedure driving home, Saturday two in the disc golf course parking lot, a third followed me home from the bodega
Disclaimer: I *did* legally smoke legally bought marijuana in Michigan, I did so on the front porch of the house we stayed while drinking an excellent local brewery lager or an excellent local brewery pilsner, at no time did I drive stoned much less have in the car with me when driving either weed or open can of beer (had I been pulled over)
God Talk Radio: even if shitlords *wanted* to lower the temperature (disclosure: they don't) too late, happiest days of this tribes' lives
Speaking of nuts, I'm not buying a right-wing scrotum toaster
Shitlords could lower the temperature of the Fox watching right-wing but not jeebus-zealot tribe if they wanted (disclosure: they don't) safe in the knowledge that motherfucking Democrats protect their absolute power while our shitlords expand and expedite measures to squeeze every penny out of our immiseration
*That* (disclosure: and work) the basis of the dark vibes *I* took to Michigan
My daughter and son-in-law now only use the internet for work-related or purely entertainment-related (watch a movie) purposes and have abandoned any social media site and do not read any news-delivering source, no newspapers, no newscasts, and only listen to music while driving, I can't, won't try (the only using the internet like they do)
Polls indicate that if the Democratic Party even mock-embraced and mock-battled for universal marijuana legalization they would rebound in mid-term polling, laugh, yesterday a Connecticut motherfucking Democratic senator called for World War 3 and the motherfucking Democratic president's Justice Department went to bat for Betsy DeVos' Ponzy University
Some blue-check on twitter asked why young Americans abandoning the Democratic Party in droves yesterday, I, dope that I am, tweeted at blue-check:
I just spent a week with my daughter and son-in-law, both 29, they are actively working towards self-sufficiency re: food, goods - they expect none of the social safety nets a boomer like me has by the time they are 40. They KNOW motherfucking Democrats selling them off
The single most important issue that shitlords fear most - read Crary's book in links below to understand how current internet-driven psyops and propaganda are - I'm telling you three times - reprogramming you - is the proverbial me and proverbial cracker walking down the middle of a dirt road in rural Michigan and us sitting down and discovering who the motherfucking ogres are
I disced everyday and played with no locals, courses were empty, still Winter in Michigan, #567 Why I Don't Want to Live in Michigan, I have in the past and politics sort of sidled up once but the guy read my clues and we talked Michigan disc golf courses I should play
I have never disced with a christer before nor slapped one (I thought on seeing the zealot with a guitar on the airplane, motherfucker probably wasn't *even* tripping), our shitlords *WILL* provide christers with the armageddon they desire with the full sloppy seconds complicity of motherfucking Democrats who don't bother to pretend anymore to mock-battle for anything not shitlord approved then bitch how I've betrayed them, what a cult
We go back to Michigan in June, I guarantee I will follow the same weed and beer restrictions *and* play disc golf, I'd be shocked if I'm not pulled over just because, at least Biden is pro-fund the acab to protect the fatherland

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Harryette Mullen

We are not responsible for your lost or stolen relatives. 
We cannot guarantee your safety if you disobey our instructions. 
We do not endorse the causes or claims of people begging for handouts. 
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 

Your ticket does not guarantee that we will honor your reservations. 
In order to facilitate our procedures, please limit your carrying on. 
Before taking off, please extinguish all smoldering resentments. 

If you cannot understand English, you will be moved out of the way. 
In the event of a loss, you’d better look out for yourself. 
Your insurance was cancelled because we can no longer handle
your frightful claims. Our handlers lost your luggage and we
are unable to find the key to your legal case. 

You were detained for interrogation because you fit the profile. 
You are not presumed to be innocent if the police 
have reason to suspect you are carrying a concealed wallet. 
It’s not our fault you were born wearing a gang color. 
It is not our obligation to inform you of your rights. 

Step aside, please, while our officer inspects your bad attitude. 
You have no rights we are bound to respect. 
Please remain calm, or we can’t be held responsible 
for what happens to you. 

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