Thursday, May 19, 2022

I Lost My Ridiculous Access Without Acquiring Another

Jeebus, that's twelve years old, done in the Blog Days of Summer in 2010. Up to you whether this is threat or not, I can tell you that while I fondled my beloved triangular scale architecture ruler last night I did not lay it on paper and drawer a line much less rustle in shoebox of watercolor tubes or wash crusted watercolors off either palette (though decided if and when I'd return to only primary colors) and while this is a typical paragraph (though abbreviated) in a typical bleggalgaze at the start of the Blog Days of Summer I typed it here not inked it in gridded lighthouse first, though I thought about it, up to you whether this a threat or not (ditto embedded haikus in grids). Monkeypox, huh.  This is the Official Theme Song of Blog Days of Summer

Not type night yet time
Philosopher of the apocalypse
running out he taps: *Today's
Global civil war: Capitalism post pandemic
New Word: Monkeypox!*First Monkeypox poem I've seen!
Your tax dollars pay for your surveillanceCollective grieving
fettermanning seventeen
Democrats aren't even pretending anymore
Counting to five focuses
Tell me again to reason with this christer motherfucker
The ghost of Antonin Scalia
Me braising my beads
The animal within the animal
freight trains kettled, blueballed in
Proust: on readingDan reviews three books
horn, abbreviated
Joey is a Jeff too, born 71 years ago todayReturn to Hot Chicken: James McNew interview


John Ashbery
Old-fashioned shadows hanging down, that difficulty in love too soon

Some star or other went out, and you, thank you for your book and year
Something happened in the garage and I owe it for the blood traffic
Too low for nettles but it is exactly the way people think and feel
And I think there’s going to be even more but waist-high
Night occurs dimmer each time with the pieces of light smaller and squarer
You have original artworks hanging on the walls oh I said edit
You nearly undermined the brush I now place against the ball field arguing
That love was a round place and will still be there two years from now
And it is a dream sailing in a dark unprotected cove
Pirates imitate the ways of ordinary people myself for instance
Planted over and over that land has a bitter aftertaste
A blue anchor grains of grit in a tall sky sewing
He is a monster like everyone else but what do you do if you’re a monster
Like him feeling him come from far away and then go down to his car
The wedding was enchanted everyone was glad to be in it
What trees, tools, why ponder socks on the premises
Come to the edge of the barn the property really begins there
In a smaller tower shuttered and put away there
You lay aside your hair like a book that is too important to read now
Why did witches pursue the beast from the eight sides of the country
A pencil on glass—shattered!  The water runs down the drain
In winter sometimes you see those things and also in summer
A child must go down it must stand and last
Too late the last express passes through the dust of gardens
A vest—there is so much to tell about even in the side rooms
Hesitantly, it built up and passed quickly without unlocking
There are some places kept from the others and are separate, they never exist
I lost my ridiculous accent without acquiring another
In Buffalo, Buffalo she was praying, the nights stick together like pages in an old book
The dreams descend like cranes on gilded, forgetful wings
What is the past, what is it all for?  A mental sandwich?
Did you say, hearing the schooner overhead, we turned back to the weir?
In rags and crystals, sometimes with a shred of sense, an odd dignity
The boy must have known the particles fell through the house after him
All in all we were taking our time, the sea returned—no more pirates
I inch and only sometimes as far as the twisted pole gone in spare colors

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  1. 1/speaking of yo lo tengo - information has reached me about a scheduled appearance at the dell music center in philadelphia

    Jul 23
    Sat • 6:30pm

    Japanese Breakfast
    Yo La Tengo
    Cate Le Bon

    2/speaking of little honda - at youtube John1948SixB quotes:

    The Hondells were a non-existent group when they released their Top 10 single 'Little Honda' in 1964. The mastermind behind the record was producer Gary Usher (1938, Los Angeles, California, USA, d. 25 May 1990), a friend and songwriting partner of Beach Boys leader Brian Wilson. Usher had created a series of surf music records using a revolving team of musicians and singers and assigning different group names to the finished products. The Hondells were one such creation. Usher and his hired hands for the day, including Glen Campbell, Curt Boettcher, and Chuck Girard and Joe Kelly of the Castells, recorded a version of the Brian Wilson song extolling the virtues of Honda motorcycles, which was released on Mercury Records and reached US number 9 in September 1964. With the record a success, the company asked Usher to assemble a touring group of Hondells. He hired Ritchie Burns, one of the background singers on the record, to lead the group. Burns still had not left his job at a bank when the album cover photos were taken, and he had friends of his (who were not involved with the record) pose for its cover. The Hondells continued to make records, and appeared on popular television programmes and in a number of 'beach party' films, including Beach Blanket Bingo. Only two further singles charted, 'My Buddy Seat' in December 1964, and a cover of the Lovin' Spoonful's 'Younger Girl' in May 1966. Following this release the group assembled to masquerade as the Hondells began to sing and play on the records, recording a version of Bob Lind's 'Cheryl's Going Home'. Subsequent singles on Columbia Records and Amos did not chart and only the first of the Hondells' albums made the charts. The group and the Hondells name were retired in 1970.

    Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze

    3/the first recording of bob lind's cheryl's going home which i heard was by the blues project

    4/the most interesting recording of cheryl's going home was a relyricization by the italian group the rokes, making it a song of youthful alienation and rebellion che colpa abbiamo noi

    The night falls upon us
    The rain falls on us
    People no longer smile
    We see an old world that
    Is crumbling down on us now

    But what is our fault

    It will be a beautiful society
    Founded on freedom
    But tell us why
    If we don't think like you
    You despise us, as ever

    But what is our fault
    What if we are not like you
    Perhaps there is a reason
    And if you don't know it
    Is it our fault

    5/here is a performance on an italian tv show - the voice, senior edition - by a 73 year old singer