Wednesday, September 14, 2022

better-than-a-dog with a túrnip-and-a bée

We talk about retiring on every hike, hiking every day of our retirement. Tell me something better to do with the $500 a paycheck I put into the maw of shitlords they can and will snatch when they want. This slow-motion blessed, infuriating, anxiously boring memory of what I know will happen but hasn't happened yet never ebbs. Not an accident Senator Cracker within 48 hours burped support for both absolute christer control of sluts' bodies and robbery of my $500 a paycheck I put into the maw of shitlords they can and will snatch when they want. Me retiring: I have a familial history of retirements that cripple retirees, sometimes temporarily, most times not, and what to do when not hiking, I ask myself, worried, with my eyes? Blog be ham radio with my inability to sharpen pencils and fixed, fixes, and will fix nothing, portrait of my house, Momcat waving

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Jackson Mac Low

 Finding your own     level of hell     with cultural signifiers glowing in
         the lamplight
giving a safe     suntan     both opaque and transpárent-in-a started 
of-your-fírst  -  bánd in a hip commúnity-where áll will be one - 
         foréver-in-a whóle-new-cán
better-than-a-dog with a túrnip-and-a bée in the building collecting
         money-for-the-French - overcapacitátion-of-a-secret stár on a 
         favorite yacht on a ledgelike evening
telling your stories through me

Showing-mé to mé     emptying texture from things-from-which-I-
as it clings to a lóng-wooden-táble     tagging someone to-spéak-
with two more eyes along its flank     as-lócal-as-a-memorial- 
overjoyed and meaningless     as the sort of political process I try 
         to shrug off     foreshadowed-in-a-book of mémories     it came 
         through the door that was found
in the sky     moving-acróss-itself

Delayed by an-impróperly-drawn-cóntract inscribed on a falling
a free-lance composer loves móst     to-be-writing-as-he-spéaks
difficult to see - any-resúlts     to-talk-about-lífe - próblems     to
         be free     he released
a work for chorus one-hour-lóng and one for sólo voice to fínd
         - tíme to bréathe   tén - páges a dáy to keep up the pace     one
         minúte a day     two or three hours to copy
two or three seconds of music

To concretize that thinking with nón - Wéstern elements       nót
         the reason
dimensions of time and space     a little at first in numerous
         currents of time
now the single unrelenting-units-of-our-líves in ábsolute time
         but óther     courses of time
defy     measurement-by-digitalized-únits     always shifting
         don’t-have-any-room-to-compláin every-minute-of-the-dáy 
         caught up in grand ópera
Japanése musical groups     don’t have conductors

Each with a time of their own     they produce their beat-by-
of different tíme-frames     time-spáce difference breaking down
they-interséct-each-other unlike the gardens-of-Versáilles
meant to be wálked-through and seen-from-different-
         víewpoints     they mutually reinfórce-one-another       spring 
         summer       autumn and wínter
Japanése     gardens are the-sun-and-the-móon togéther

The not-twó-entity      the spáce here óne        overall-strúcture
concretely-bound-togéther      spring’s direction is east     its
         pitch is G
rereading-them-in-a-módern cóntext        getting-lóst in
         today’s     society
not simply relics-of-the-pást        reintegrated-in-the-fúture
         strongly pulled toward     Wéstern things        how-can-that-
assimilating Western rational thínking

Shine the Light Internátional        the best of the West and 
         the East together
the reception after the concert        the theories        the experi-
         ences        the caréer
dréad      doesn’t-seem-to-have-múch     to-dó-with-it     just
         surprised        not very large
lots of electrical óutlets      nóne of this is part of our start 
         to restóre it          I’m sórry about it           we each have our 
         níche and are própped-in-it     at a wonderful móment
deep-appreciation-of-the-Ásia Society

Twó      páckages-like-Chrístmas presents     Martin-Luther-
         Kíng        the Pówer-Structure
Panther        a wéekend - house       the-Fóur – Séasons     a
         hillock of stone     in-the-sáme-bréath
swatting-out-mosquítoes     luck or hábit     the ending 
         fire a rainbow        the scenery
encased in the clouds with the birds in-the-middle-
         dístance          a cóal-stove           existence-that escápes - 
         yéars - after-we’re-góne just-a-little-bit-senti-
beside a lake without a náme

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