Sunday, September 11, 2022

Its Sense of Loitering Lights on My Shoulder

Mocoparks just built six new miles of trail in Black Hills off Ten Mile Creek Trail, a gorgeous and generous four and a half mile loop, and off that loop a new mile and a half trail connecting the new loop to the beautiful three mile loop at Bucklodge Conservancy, that's me, shot by L, on the new trail to Bucklodge yesterday. We can now hike from Comus to beloved Potomac at Seneca Aqueduct on a combination of Mocopark and State Park trails

Mountain bikers know the new trail, they help pay for, build, and maintain many of Moco's best trails, we've had zero bad interactions out of thousands of mountain bikers and dozens today, laugh, if you hike the loop hike it clockwise, the mountain bikers bike it counterclockwise, standard words of loop wisdom, funny happy day, yesterday, all I want to do is hike with L though when I do the dark lightens but always, always returns

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Mary Ruefle

I take the bird on the woodpile,
separate it from its function, feather
by feather. I blow up its scale.
I make a whole life out of it:
everywhere I am, its sense of loitering
lights on my shoulder.


  1. Replies
    1. Laugh, that the Second Holiest Weekend of the cracker calendar coincided with the death of Queen Ghoul (and subsequent creepy festivities) too good to pass on

  2. 1/the photo and the graphic are each beautiful in their own way

    2/the severed head referred to in the alice oswald poem you link to reminds me of a blog on your blogroll xymphora - which displays a severed child's head and blames an ideology - the blog seems to me to be hostile not only to the ideology, and the state associated with it, but the associated ethnic group in general

    nevertheless i read there from time to time - Heraclitus advised that those who are lovers of wisdom must be inquirers into many things indeed

    as the firesign theatre said - this is the future - you got to live it or live with it