Thursday, September 8, 2022

lot of black sculptural clanking the statuary in my mortuary

Blegrolls have been pruned of the moribund and moribund interned in the moribund mortuaries, I don't think any of you moved but if yes, don't worry, should you stir you will rise to the top of the mortuary where you're interned. Reminder: if you are Kinding me but me not you let me know, and as always, if there's someone you think I'd like/should read let me know, and as always, thanks for reading

Made a mother wash of red blue yellow watercolor and red blue yellow watercolor ink and am rotating red to orange to yellow to green to blue to purple to red to find good grays, each cycle through building on previous grays (just like posts on this shitty blog), forgive me, this bout of sidewaysitus the most fecund sidesaysitus since the last until the next, I thought about using below as new avatar on twitter but will not bounce Fleabus and at pOj and maybe but not yet, a whole grid of sideways jabbing angrily below the new head (and yes, there is big tablet news, the best and worse symptom of severe sidewaysitus, keep it to myself, you're welcome)

Our entire civilization is stupid and fake
Not ragging on this guy: Today in Duh, a Reminder
Both CNN and Politico make hard right turns
Shitlord surveillance titan invests millions in anti-feminist menstual tracker
A Black protester voiced anger at police in South Carolina. She got 4 years in prison
Of course most white cops are crackers
Social media is a privacy risk even if you're not signed up
Shitlord secretly funded climate denialism and other right-wing causes
Should we save newspapers from shitlords?
Why are conservatives happier than liberals?
Slouching towards Utopia - the last 150 years
Doomsday glacier the size of Florida melting faster than predicted
Jumping from Bay Bridge, a Maryland (well-known) secret
What do dolphins talk about?
Another new Lambchop song!


Alice Notley

Detective Hardwood looks like Batman this morning
pouty cupidy mouth
and a lot of black sculptural clanking
the statuary in my mortuary,
the Masonic Hall having burned again in dreams
but everyone still keeps skipping towards it
it's a hollow a round shell
my life as the shape of the ways I've been fucked
by prevailing thought & practice
all the conscious and unconscious sexisms
selfishnesses affluences assumptions suppressions in drift

GET   RID   OF   ALL   CONTROLS—is what the Soul keeps screaming.

I look up someone grins
you're a bloody feral wolf-face I like you.

I sleep-walked in a dream to a man's apartment—
a man I'm doing business with—
I forgot, but how could I? how I'd gotten there,
and when I die will I remember all such forgotten things 

                                                                          I want to
remember now.

I apologized to the man for not adhering to office hours
it was four a.m. Office hours are better he said.

Don't arrive anywhere in your sleep
don't mix up night and day
soul and detective. No.

There must be so much to reclaim
because I'm so limited

They broke your day
they fought it you
forgot how advantageous
to be fit with god and not see eye
you forgot gold sun brilliant
in this story
go in conscious.

That queen that Assyrian woman
was so cruel and that never
occurred to her ... but

those eyes saw raw smells and gods everywhere dusty

this dust I was truly assembled from
at least as you, we are communally

If you say you'll hurt me, do you
really mean me

I  can't be, can I, hurt?

“Hut Sut Tut Mut there's gonna be a wedding”
I dream that's a song. Wake up with, in my head,
“They say don't go
on Wolverton Moun-tain” (“Her tender lips/are sweeter than hone-y”

I have a drop of blood on a front tooth
I kind of don't mind—
This the list of what we've done:

         It was different structure we killed it
         put beasts in the refrigerator
         and that was almost as bad as my own enslavement.
         Then I saw Christ's blood pumped into a rejuvenating mummy.
         This great sickness we're part of apple clot
         and can you really chew it detective
         Oh sure I can, I'm Robert Mitch-ham.

you've broke your own sto

I'm sort of hysterical

the E is it for hope, cutting

the E might be for Hope


and bloody, the bloodiest is Hope.

Where are the E's of exactness?

  E is my middle name

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