Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Not That Any Given Face Is Not Afraid

I get a new boss today. I hadn't consciously thought about it when starting the piece below last Tuesday but I was certainly thinking about it when (maybe) finishing it yesterday

I was on the hiring committee, he absolutely won, and I expect a cordial professional relationship at worse and do not expect regular doghousing for imagined satanic crimes of insubordination to a christer-whack bookkeeper, but this Saturday past it gonged me that my four-month reprieve from direct oversight over today

Oversite in the personal sense, here I am contributing content to my shitlords' constant surveillance on my free shitlord blogging platform
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After our hike yesterday in piedmont Maryland where the trees are changing color, the fuck? we stopped at MOMs on Shady Grove Road and when checking out I asked the cashier and bagger what they thought about the Hampden union and one said Huh and the other said I think I heard something about it and the first said, I'm happy here, got no complaints, so sure
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Freddie Mercury was born 76 years ago yesterday


Graham Foust

In our arteries and eyes, a hundred lightbulbs
throb like drugs. The furnace:
a permanent mishap.

And up in the dusk, there is lucid debris—
a conduit, a wire mask, a swastika
of corn.

Boy- and/or girl-small, we'll find
some horizon, an intricate faking
in which to lose way.

Here we are, not speaking
or dead. Here we are
or dead.

To what do we owe this
forgetting not to kiss?
Not that any given face is not afraid.

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