Monday, November 14, 2022

Syllable by Syllable I Make the Mistake of Displacing

  • This swerve to normalcy zertz my bells. Did you see the fever breaking as an outcome? I didn't. Not just the results but the relative absence of claims of fraud and the rendering of Trump to Thump to stump? Me neither. Who made the call to make the election about fentanyl candy and litter boxes in elementary school for furries?
  • Laugh, 2022 midterms mean nothing compared to 2024, 2022 our shitlords trial-ballooned *How Much Cracker Will America Eat Before Vomiting* and I was zertzly surprised to see not as much as I would have bet, me, canary, weathervane, Cassandra, fool, I forget in the beloved noise and my beloved anger that not-crackers outnumber crackers and for now that still matters. Shitlords still don't want it to matter, laugh
  • I'm stupid for not seeing it coming, I was caught up in the beloved noise and beloved anger, all recorded for shitlord pysops data farms I contribute to even as I type this sentence on one's free shitlord blogging platform. Watch me love the noise and anger of 2024, reprogrammed - I am telling you three times - daily via shitlordian zertz
  • Rest in Peace Keith Levene

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Timothy Donnelly

At night the sea’s surface is the penetrable onyx of deep sleep.
      I enter it without fear, as if to lower the input of the eye
reduces risk, and whatever I can’t presently see
      exists only in memory, which has been calmed by the water’s

cold hypnosis, and to be here is impersonal. Only the moonlight
      interrupts this near-nothingness, the play of it on the glossy swell
like a music you can feel, or like the mapping of something happening to me
      on another level, something that can be understood so long

as it never finishes—and, when it finishes, there is nothing
      left to understand. In the distance, other lights appear now
on the far side of the harbor, and, closer, the dull-white gull-like hulls
      of a band of anchored boats rock softly, without intelligence.

Later, elsewhere, I remember it vaguely, and it feels like the most
      meaningful way to go about it, as if the value of it grew
by resisting precision, and that, in coaxing particularity to glide from it,
      the sea retained a unity unlike anything other than the sky

with which it had come to merge, but likewise it set itself outside
      the reach of grammar, whose designs on it were not kind, and yet
what I mean by “it” isn’t even the sea anymore, but an experience
      of the sea, which syllable by syllable I make the mistake of displacing.

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  1. 1/i am unfamiliar with the word zertz

    wikipedia tells me: ZÈRTZ is the third game in the GIPF Project of seven abstract strategy games. The game features a shrinking board and an object that promotes sacrifice combinations. It is impartial: since neither player owns on-board pieces, maintaining the initiative is of fundamental importance.

    urban dictionary tells me: XERTZ the act of gulping something down in haste / in hurry

    2/todd rundgren has a song "fever broke" -

    3/i have signed up for a mastodon account - on some level it seems more complicated than twitter but i want to be ready in case the twitter ship sinks

    some entities there assert

    3.1/Virginia Heffernan
    How I'm beginning to feel about Twitter and Meta:

    “You know, when I was a girl, the idea that the British Empire could ever end was absolutely inconceivable. And it just disappeared, like all the other empires.” — Doris Lessing

    3.2/KuJoe 💞
    So many people are having a bad first experience with Mastodon because they're using the official app which is lacking features, doesn't allow image uploads randomly, has random slowness, and doesn't give you easy access to the two most active feeds where you can find people (Local and Federated).

    Please switch to Metatext, Tusky, or Tooot for a better mobile experience (or even use a browser).

    OMG I just realized Mastodon is what Twitter would be if it were Canadian

    4/this last point is poignant to me, as i am still coming to terms with the realization that my canadianness will never be a lived experience, as i had dreamed, but only a hobby

    5/and speaking of dreams the first moment of "bows - b blow blunt" reminded me of a hit from 1958 - the chordettes - mr sandman bring me a dream