Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Say Hi to Jock Itch, Leadership Principles, Urinary Incompetence

My batchelor party was Hamster, Landru, and me watching the Orioles lose 8-5 to the Texas Rangers from the rightfield upper deck bleachers at Memorial, here is the box score: I had recent cause to think of my baseball divorce twenty-seven years ago. Bloggiest Days of Summer ever, not just me, look at the blogrolls. Tried typing this on the least sucky notetaking app I've found, sosuckful, it, it wouldn't eat its password, I'm lazy and have cats galore, new password easy but fuck that, the fonts suck too. Maine, covid Maine, I'm pretty sure it happened and I think it was 2023, spacy as planned but not the funspacy planned, I've photos timestamped I was there. Stegblats? Decked in chays? I'm a loner, Dotty, a rebel

The correct model is a bathtub
The US plot to finalize theft of Venezuela's oil
O good, I'm going to be required to use a zoom phone as work phone
Before BLCKDGRD there was Dogzilla Wafers
August the Blog Days of Summer's blog days of summeriest month and this August the blog days of summeriest month *ever.* It's not just meFRESH HELL
An expat returns to America
Anti-ugly actionMaggie's weekly
I'm delighted to be reminded the reasons I divorced the Orioles 27 years ago remain as true today as ever (though I would like to see a game again at Camden Yards someday)
Firing Jon Miller clinched and finalized the divorce
Painting has resumed though the above done before I was alledgedly in Maine, whoever added the photos to my iPhone time-stamped to indicate I *was* in Maine did an excellent job of fakery
{ feuilleton }'s*Aja* is undoubtedly one of my ten most listened-to albums ever (and was listened to in Maine last week when we drove to Great Wass), and I love Steely Dan, unfollow if you must


John Ashbery

O awaken with me
the inquiring goodbyes.
Ooh what a messy business
a tangle and a muddle
(and made it seem quite interesting).

He ticks them off:
leisure top,
a different ride home,
whispering, in a way,
whispered whiskers,
so many of the things you have to share.

But I was getting on,
and that’s what you don’t need.
I’m certainly sorry about scaring your king,
if indeed that’s what happened to him.
You get Peanuts and War and Peace,
some in rags, some in jags, some in
velvet gown. They want
the other side of the printing plant.

There were concerns.
Say hi to jock itch, leadership principles,
urinary incompetence.
Take that, perfect pitch.
And say a word for the president,
for the scholar magazines, papers, a streaming.
Then you are interested in poetry.

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  1. Gathmann pegged it. The face America shows, the Jingo and Hoo-Hah, is food for Historians, who never really seem to Grok that People have to live every single day of the decades they describe in one double-column page of a Western Civ 102 textbook (I was trained as one; I know). The real America are all the separate Americas that somehow manage to think of Us as one, a collective which has nothing to do with the Hoo-Hah, the fascist Rethugs, the sock-puppet Democrats, the Businesses and the Billionaires. We are humans, who just want every single day to be Okay, because at some point we don't get any more Days, and I will resist any Thing which tries to fuck with that holy order.