Friday, August 4, 2023

too old for visions I must settle for dreams

Above, the sunset from two nights ago at Seal Cove, below the moonrise same night from house in Seal Cove

Lots of writing in Maine, all spectulation, no synthesis as yet. Painting saves writing, painting dooms writing. No plans beyond no plans, defeating the no-plan plan. Song below, reminder that the best New Pornographers' song is a Bejar song. Links starting to mildew in grid box from past week or two, here:

What is feminism, at its core, but the attempt to expose gender as a nightmarish farce?
For the historical record: during the brutal summer of 2023, a coal baron Senator bragged about permitting a 300-mile fracked gas pipeline with the emissions equivalent of 37 coal fired plants and 27 million cars, says the guy who drove to Maine and all over Maine and next week will drive home to Maryland
Can Psychopathic Tendencies Help You Achieve Success?
Patrol dogs are terrorizing and mauling prisoners inside the United States
Subaru offered me a very base level Impreza at a terrific price to replace an Impreza they fucked up the recall, has a small basic NOT TELEVISION-SIZED bluetooth music box and radio, and it's love
We Are All Evangelicals Now: A Nuclear Take
Washington Post Still Covers Up U.S. War Crimes And Use Of Biological WeaponsFRESH HELL
More FRESH HELLGrid deriliction I plead guilty guilty guilry
Why the famed Appalachian Trail keeps getting longer — and harder
{ feuilleton }'sUNHEARD MELODIES
A Loss of Problems: on Amis, and others
I don't know if these are ten Best Poems of the Past Ten Years but they're good, and I vouch for Carson, Mayer, Lauterbach, and Prikryl
{ feuilleton }'s (this week's, the above is last week's)
Notes on Tone: continual crisis and American flatness
Dune PeninsulaWhy Barbie must be punished
Technically a hexahectaenneacontakaiheptagon
Rest in Peace, Keith WaldropApparatus


Keith Waldrop

too old for
vision I must
settle for dreams
specific forms
of cloud
(body surrounded by
every sensation con-
ceals a dream
sculpture in
low relief
(a motor halo a
mental blue)
cleft in the
logical space
(wilderness or
we have lived
on a ladder to
the window of a
room to which
the key is lost
(words lost
in the music)


  1. 1/william gibson retweeted laurie garrett's tweet of this:

    We're all screwed
    So don't tell us that
    We can imagine a healthy planet
    Because at the end of the day
    It's too late to fix the climate crisis
    And we refuse to believe
    We need to demand a livable future
    Because we don't have a choice

    Now read this bottom up

    2/the outdoor clothing and related products retailer which has used this message in its advertising has been involved in controversy

  2. over the weekend spouse and self discovered a documentary science series on amazon prime - made in france in 2013 - "the voyage of the continents"

    >>This extraordinary series is a sweeping account of the rise of Earth's continents. They are the product of a grand waltz of plate tectonics and the continual evolution of Earth's crust. As landmasses assemble and separate, they fuel volcanoes and spark earthquakes, building mountains and tearing valleys. We see the Earth, eons in the making, through the eyes of geologists and other scientists.<<

    the scale of space and time, and the variety of lifeforms, extinct and extant, in this series is helpful to me as i try to move my mind from collapse-awareness to collapse-acceptance - the human experiment was remarkable, but all things must pass - as kate bush sang, "life is sad - and so is love"