Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Make a Scheme of Anything— a Game, a Grid, a System, a Mere Folder

Dog days and blog days of Summer ending (dog days at least), shitlords signaling August is over, time to zolt the rubes again - Washington Post (link in grid) commencing deficit panic bullshit again, multiple news orgs already blithely trumpeting the next government shutdown over the bullshit debt limit, I suspect our shitlords will let folk cum watching Week One of National Helmetball League before unleashing a louder wider deeper shittier Fall Noise Season, here's what I wrote about it:

I may have stopped, not by design or intent, directly writing about the clusterfuck, here and in tablet, but clearly, as grid above and grid below prove, I'm still soaking in it, Madge, adding

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Probably the one GbV song I'd choose if I can only have one


Amy Clampitt

Force of reason, who shut up the shrill
foul Furies in the dungeon of the Parthenon,
led whimpering to the cave they live in still,

beneath the rock your city foundered on:
who, equivocating, taught revenge to sing
(or seem to, or be about to) a kindlier tune:

mind that can make a scheme of anything—
a game, a grid, a system, a mere folder
in the universal file drawer: uncompromising

mediatrix, virgin married to the welfare
of the body politic: deific contradiction,
warbonnet-wearing olive-bearer, author

of the law’s delays, you who as talisman
and totem still wear the aegis, baleful
with Medusa’s scowl (though shrunken

and self-mummified, a Gorgon still): cool
guarantor of the averted look, the guide
of Perseus, who killed and could not kill

the thing he’d hounded to its source, the dread
thing-in-itself none can elude, whose counter-
feit we halfway hanker for: aware (gone mad

with clarity) we have invented all you stand for,
though we despise the artifice—a space to savor
horror, to pre-enact our own undoing in—
living, we stare into the mirror of the Gorgon.

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  1. 1/the image reminded me of a braided lattice pie crust - i had the good fortune to repeatedly eat apple pie my maternal grandmother made - her ancestors were german and irish

    after reading clampitt's poem i read the wikipedia article on aegis