Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Not a thing but it stays and one opens as a mouth will begin

An encounter last week in the university library I work in:

Me: The desire for violence against dissent, especially from Libs & Dems, a sign that at very minimum Libs & Dems unconsciously aware of their guilt and complicity in what is being protested
Semi-famous nepobaby chaired full-professor tenured fac who's NPR's go-to shitlib: You're fucking nuts
Who I daydream I'd like to be:

Who I know I will always be:

Fucking nuts, you and me. Semi-famous nepobaby chaired full professor tenured fac who's NPR's go-to shitlib then said, You're wasting your dissent, save it for the Trump dictatorship, or better yet, use that energy to get Biden reelected to spare us the Trump dictatorship, and what did I say? I thought of who I daydream of being and said nothing more to a reality that makes me who I'll always be. Made this blog post semi-famous nepobaby chaired full professor tenured fac who's NPR's go-to shitlib will never read even if he knew this shitty blog exists. Mine fetaphors abound. Hey, Six Organs of Admittance has a new album:

A period of collective mass hysteria
Prelude to a New Imperial Order?
The carnage is the point
"I don’t think you can overstate how hugely popular big showy uses of force against college kids and professors and protestors are going to be with a big segment of voters. The more gratuitously violence, the more of a bump in the polls Republicans will get"
Should you discuss a war anywhere in the world while failing to demonstrate the right allegiances, the warsplainers will come for you
Decency and genocide
The Remarkable Rise Of Anti-Antisemitism
Worse than you can imagine
"Well he just said it out loud. The reason they don’t like tenure is because these billionaires want to be able to call your dean and get you canned for not being an obedient serf"
Democrats are the enemy, every single one of them, shithearts to the core, every single one of them
The greatest crime is any opposition to killing.
The Israel-Iran theater show–a distraction from Gaza genocide
The US military is embedding its officers in corporate America
My dude, who is the editor of the magazine this article is in and tell me how you are above politics, laugh
His dinner with a shitlordBad Faith Olympics
Yes, crackers are still weird and scary
Motherfucking MCPS dropped the shitting Blue Cross/Blue Shield for the much much shittier and more evil Cigna, if I make it to 80 I'll be living in a refrigerator box hoping not to be shot for illegal homelessness
Speaking of motherfucking MCPS
Catch and Kill Protection Rackets: Trump, Weinstein, Epstein and Wall Street
Donald Trump Already Got What He Needed From the Supreme Court
Abundance, capitalism, and climate change
"To summarize: Our needs increase in step with technological progress but the technological progress cannot at all points in time satisfy the needs of everybody. Abundance defined as full satisfaction of all material needs cannot be achieved in technologically advancing societies"
Karl Polanyi's failed revolutionI read and absorbed *The Great Transformation* back in my twenties, hugely influetial in my political thinking, could never read it now but you should
The Animals that Turn Bodily Fluids Into Weapons
Why do people hear their names being called in the woods?
Nicole Eisenman, onceNicole Eisenman, twice
On Being Warlike - Alice Notley's poetry
{ feuilleton }'sBalancebelonging
RIP, Helen Vendler, I couldn't be who I am if I hadn't read Vendler on American poetry in my formative years
Album: A RunthruThey say it's new


Clark Coolidge

But it says nothing. And one is as quiet
as if to say nothing moves me. Then
there is the chair. And one speaks of
the chair sitting at the table.
Scraping against surfaces, opening the mouth.
The object is a piece of thing before. One
shifts in a chair and opens the talk.
And the time it says nothing one moves.
The table is too long as the wall. Not
a thing but it stays and one opens
as a mouth will begin. Speaking of
the table, nothing but to avoid that of
the wall. One could return over and over
to the chair, the wall one is sitting at.
Least ways it says nothing. And the
thing is, it stays still before
speaking of. The object of nothing, even


  1. Cognitive dissonance is quite a drug

  2. 1/today i became a subscriber at the planetary limits action network, and as such i have access to the listings of the 76 resources recommended by them - it turns out the "most popular" is the novel ishmael by daniel quinn

    2/the network founders published a paper in the journal Energy Research and Social Science

    Modernity is incompatible with planetary limits: Developing a PLAN for the future

    full text is at https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2214629621003327

    3/in the supplementary data to that article they share their working assumptions, including

    c.Despite a secular trend of increasing societal complexity since the Neolithic transition began 10,000
    years ago, human history is marked by frequent collapse and reorganization of these societies. This
    suggests that societal complexity is difficult to sustain, for a variety of reasons including rigidity of systems, scale, and decreasing (and eventually negative) marginal return on investments in complexity. Our current global industrialized civilization is not immune to such factors.
    d. It is essential that humanity reframe its decision making processes to value ecosystem health,
    resilience, sustainability, human rights, and true quality of life above traditional economic indicators
    predicated on unsustainable material and energetic growth.
    e. However challenging, it is completely possible, and indeed desirable, to make deep cultural, paradigm shifting changes that could lead to a more resilient society with a higher quality of life.
    f. Issues of collapse and change are now global in scale and, as such, unprecedented in human history.