Wednesday, May 1, 2024

declare us to be being lost in the transparency some call death

Tomorrow's post in the can, it's a BLCKDGRD Holy Day post, I'm sideways and need feed you these links now, they can't wait until Friday, well, the one's that aren't clusterfuckful could but fuck it, eat them now, please

That's eleven years old. If you haven't had your apostasy yet about our ruling class and our country in general and your team in particular I shudder to think what it will take, will even a boot on your head as you're zip-tied do it?

Reminder: our shitlords over-the-moon giddy this morning, giddy, this such a tremendous golden opportunity to shut you the fuck up, you and your bitching, and to demonstrate what will happen to you if you don't, and they hope you don't! Shitty, the giddy. Reprogramming is over, reeducation has begun, eat your immiseration, crappification, enshittification, eventual elimination, eat it and like it or your eradication will be far shittier than the shitty of those who do

"If the US ruling class will do this to their own children over a few small scale protests, it’s frightening to consider what they’d do if there were ever a real challenge to their power"
The Israel-US game plan for Gaza is staring us in the face
"Standing alongside Antony Blinken, Israeli President Herzog says any ICC attempt to indict Israeli leaders for war crimes is a “clear and present danger to all democracies and to free and peace-loving nations.”"
Professor remains hospitalized after being beaten by police during pro-Palestinian protest at US campus
"Biden wants to protect the violent students openly calling for another ethnic cleansing, against the peaceful students who oppose genocide. How can Trump top this?"
"NYPD's budget this year is $6.5 billion. This is what we get for it: an army of violent psychopaths"
"So glad Trump lost in 2020 otherwise we'd be seeing fascistic crackdowns on political dissent, police brutalizing protesters, tyrannical suppression of free speech, and the facilitation of racist and Islamophobic agendas. That psycho would probably be committing genocide by now."
The Free Speech Exception to Palestine
"Now that (even moderate) pro-Palestine sentiment has been effectively outlawed in both the public and private sectors, I hope we can say goodbye to the Western myth of “free speech” from which so many reactionaries built their careers"
The Middle East on a Knife-Edge
"Hamas needs to understand that a ceasefire that includes a ceasefire is unacceptable and will only prolong the war"
The quality of what is coordinated
"UCLA stood by and watched as random adults with no affiliation to the university entered its campus and attacked its students with explosives and chemical weapons"
Please imagine the media reaction if one pro-Gazan protester threw one firecracker at one person caped in an Israeli flag
"Blatant genocidal language against Palestinians on college campuses and elsewhere is somehow never the national emergency that alleged, implicit antisemitism is"
How Columbia Ignored Women, Undermined Prosecutors and Protected a Predator For More Than 20 Years
"Though far-removed from the top tier of influencers, Gallagher remains remarkable for successfully leveraging his history of violence into an upper middle-class existence"
Medea Benjamin is a hero
Tech shitlords dream of their utopia
Moco to hold workshops on how to fuck up Clarksburg far more than it's already fucked up!
Saturday attitudeNo cymbals, no crash
Helen Vendler’s Generous Mind
Alice Notley’s PropheciesSouls on Métro
Alice Notley and the art of not giving a damn

[clearly people died in Jenin]

Alice Notley

      clearly people died in Jenin people who were terrorists died in Jenin
Powell went on and in the prosecution of that battle innocent lives may well have been lost, i dream of Jenin of the light brown skin, i aimed only at her legs so she would never walk again, and of Neblus
      i dream of the creation of each moment when I am a babe with thick black hair i am a man i say to my mother, aren't i, why did i say that, i am afraid i'm a man, what do you think my dead women?
      we are only women and men in words and these words declare us to be being lost in the transparency some call death, i was never woman or man sings the earth nor people who emerge from me are, no i am singing says Carmen illiterate bastard, we are all song, song that we hear, they can't hear us hear.

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