Monday, May 20, 2024

A Visio-Kinetic Echo Connected to the Viewer

Who I wanna be:

Monologue in the gridofanger, it took me this long to think of and self-brand gridofanger, the fuck is wrong with me, this is who I'll always be:

"Only in America can a man who worked with Segregationists to fight busing, wrote and pushed the laws that lead to Black mass incarceration, and be providing the weapons for a genocide give a commencement address at a Black college, like nothing ever happened"
"At Morehouse's commencement, Joe Biden falsely claimed he "saw pictures of [Palestinians] tying a mother and a daughter in a rope, pouring kerosene on them, burning them and watching as they died." No such photos exist. Yet another sickening lie to justify Israel's genocide"
"In other words, a group of billionaires that coordinated with the foreign govt of Israel also coordinated with the Mayor of NY and the NYPD to suppress American speech about that foreign govt"
Before and after American democracy
An emblematic Biden quote in many ways in that every single word of it is a lie
"There are now an ordered set of neoliberal beliefs to which anybody in a western nation participating in public affairs must subscribe, or they are beyond the pale. Not to subscribe to all of these beliefs makes you a “populist”, a “conspiracy theorist”, a “Putin puppet” or a “useful idiot”"
Wealth is only created by a small number of ultra wealthy capitalists on whom the employment of everybody else ultimately depends.
The laws gathering financial structures must therefore tend to concentrate wealth to these individuals, so that they may deploy it as they choose
State created currency must only be concentrated in and distributed to private financial institutions
Public spending is always less efficient than private spending
Russia, China and Iran pose an existential threat to the west. That comprises both an economic threat and a physical, military threat
Colonialism was a boon to the world bringing economic development, trade and education to people of inferior cultures
Islam is a threat to western values and to world development
Israel is a necessary project for spreading western values to the uncivilised Middle East
Security necessitates devoting very substantial resources to arms production and the waging of continual war
Nothing must threaten the military and arms industry interest. No battle against corruption or crime can override the need for the security military industrial complex to be completely unchallenged and internally supreme
"Starving hungry people and assaulting truck drivers is “protest activity” but a college student sleeping in a tent is basically a new Holocaust"
"Imagine doing this to your own citizens, just so Israel can kill children…"
"A system that requires continuous, pervasive, and unremitting misrepresentation and propaganda (via AIPAC, Hasbara, and manipulation of Western minds) to hide its attributes will eventually collapse"
"Can anyone imagine this lack of action by cops + prosecutors in any context in which a person supporting any progressive cause had been identified committing such crimes? A throughline in U.S. history is tolerance of right-wing violence against those seeking social change"
Israeli leaders say, FUCKING-A, we're doing a genocide
Palestine: Ground Zero of a Liberated World
Why the West's ruling class is genociding the Palestinians, not only to solve that problem but to send a message to all other uppity subjects who want to be liberated, out shitlords think this a golden opportunity
"Zionist propaganda is always looking for new lows to sink to. Now apparently it’s homophobic and racist if you don’t support the extermination of the Palestinian people in Gaza through bombing, starvation and disease.
The US Weapons That Are Destroying Gaza
"Former Vice President of the World Bank discovers that antidemocratic policies implemented by elite fiat are unpopular with constituents"
Every day this has to happentomorrowday afterday afterday after
"Watch this and tell me how anyone with a shred of humanity can support the genocidal direction of our US politicians, corporations, media, universities, etc. The dumbest among us are arresting the smartest among us for calling out a genocide."
"Remember, Hamas are the religious fanatics. Israel is enlightened and secular."
"Famed historian Ilan Pappe says he was detained Monday at Detroit airport, questioned by federal agents and had his phone copied. “am I a Hamas supporter? do I regard the Israeli actions in Gaza a genocide? what is the solution to the "conflict" (seriously this what they asked!)”
"These mf’s need they ass beat so bad. The colonial psychopathy that runs rampant in the entity is absolutely abhorrent."
"Looks like Israel finally managed to kill some terrorists"
"I just saw a video of a Palestinian child, a boy of around 6 years old, being moved onto a stretcher. You can see his face, but it's lifeless. Then his head is revealed, and it's blown open and empty. Bari Weiss called this "Zionism's dream turned into reality."
Business titans (shitlords) privately urged NYC mayor to use police on Columbia protesters, chats show
"The people who occupy the commanding heights of the US business world lead both the Israel lobby and the US foreign policy think-tank which supplies the personnel to staff the key foreign policy posts in the US government. Washington is unreservedly pro-Israel, because Wall Street is"
Ponder the implications of this shitlib's fuckwittedness
"Universities are private equity firms that maybe teach classes. He is right: this is the core business model of the university. Asking them to divest from unethical (but profitable) assets is unthinkable. And that's the core problem, which the protests are now publicly revealing"
"Fascism is a tiny, horribly rotten, head, crawling around in search of a giant, muscular body"
"New Florida Law Requires All Women To Produce 3 Healthy White Sons By 22nd Birthday"
A Brief History of American Vigilantism
A friend in real life and a reader of this blog who would know of what they speak tells me to lose the gridofanger, why didn't I think of gridofanger sooner, the fuck is wrong with me?
I only thought I was a hypocrite for going back to Glenstone once a year
Owned by one of the new owners of the local helmetball team
I am shocked that white helmetball players are crackerchristers
I'm certain a twenty year old black male would be released under his own recognizance by the famously not-racist Louisville Metro Police in two hour under the same circumstances
Maggie's weeklyBLEGLGAUZE!
The Untapped Knowledge of Animals
The Meaning Behind Some of the Names Found Across Montgomery Village
10 Reasons Even a Bald Guy Should Own a Hairdryer
{ feuilleton }'sWhen Online Content Disappears
Let me just say, no one would ever have to unfollow me for loving Steely Dan if Michael McDonald had replaced Fagen as lead vocalist, and I would have despised this Dan as much as some people despise the Dan I love, unfollow if you must
Neil Young and Crazy Horse to Release Long-in-the-Works Archival Album Early Daze


Cole Swensen

Given: The trees along a river seem constantly in motion; perhaps it’s the rhythm inherent in their equidistant planting, inciting a sense of walking, or perhaps it’s the movement of the river itself, a visio-kinetic echo connected to the viewer. Or is it the triangulation—river, line-of-trees, viewer—in their complex differentials, as, for instance, in a train station when the train on the next track over starts to move and, for a second or two, you’re not sure which, you or it, is actually moving off—and thus, if I stopped walking, would the trees then start? And what would become of the river, now derailed?

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