Friday, May 24, 2024

among the dead cats, the ants who are all eyes, the suitcase thrown open

When we left to visit our daughter in Michigan two Saturdays ago Rosie seemed chirpy and happy and healthy, when we returned just five days later she'd lost five pounds, was completely dehydrated, she hadn't eaten any food or drank any water for at least 48 hours, and if we hadn't taken her to the emergency animal hospital that night she wouldn't have survived the next day according to the vet at the hospital and our vet when we took her in on Friday for further tests

Cats and kidneys and all the organs in the cat that go sideways when the kidneys fail, especially the thyroid in Rosie's case. For the rest of her life we will need to hook her up to a drip IV for rehydration every other day and the meds she's now on need be tricked down her throat every day at 6am and 4pm and 6pm the rest of her life, however long that may be. Unless she dies (we don't want her to die) we don't go to Maine this year and I won't go to Michigan in the Fall or on any vacation until she dies (we don't want her to die), and that's OK though the whole episode and its ramifications contributes mightily to my overall anxiety and anger and pessimism and overall forlorn and restlessly frog-boiled mood

Yes, I think about the mediums I use and how these start drying a second after applied, photo taken thirty minutes after the above started, just after I finished, spent the next half hour watching it dull, finest metaphor of me by me that abounds. Blog Days of Summer commences, another fine effing metaphor too.

Not gonna pretend I won't be following noise over the holiday weekend but I am going to try to not read all the articles and then populate the next gridofanger until next Tuesday at the earliest, I expect to fail by Sunday but got to get through today and Saturday first. I'm not hopeful. Below the the gridofanger that (has nothing but angry links, not a single not-angry link) was currently amassing links, not as packed as normal, my apologies or you're welcome, up to you

'Israel' is killing children because it wants to kill children. Palestinian children are the future of Palestine and 'Israel' does not want a future Palestine. That's why 'Israel' is massacring children and macerating everything needed to keep them alive. The point of a system is what it does, and we've all been watching 'Israel' methodically kill children for months now
Biden Admin Working With Social Media Companies to Limit Pro-Palestinian Content
"I hope people understand that what we are seeing is the systematic destruction of the civil war amendments by the Supreme Court, which are what made America and actual democracy and upon which all minority rights in the United States rely"
I hope people understand this is being done with the full consent and complicity of motherfucking professional Democrats
Link has been disappeared, but: I had no idea these two old Washington Post farters still had a gig, but imagine being OK w universalizing the designated hitter and bastardazing the schedule and starting extra innings w a free runner on second but hating baseball now because people track exit velo on home runs
Psst! Bibi loses his power and goes to trial for corruption if the war ends, he does have a strategy: the neverending war. Sound familiar?
"There is no vocabulary that will make Palestinians acceptable in the eyes of our oppressor"
He supports genocide - he supports killing all you guys
Asymmetric IdiocyAm I Fucked Up Now?
How Israel-Linked Billionaires Silenced US Campus Protests
A Vital New History of the Bloody Rise of Capitalism
How finfluencers destroyed the housing and lives of thousands of people
Today in the United States of Helmetball
"Penn State is cutting $94M from its budget, including $54M to its smaller commonwealth campuses that will result in layoffs & potentially drastic changes. Meanwhile, the board just approved a $700M renovation to the football stadium."
Let's bet everything on authoritarianism!
NOW ON FOX"Turkish man who just illegally crossed the US border immediately becomes border hawk, says he's worried about who's coming in and warns of the possibility of "killers and psychopaths" entering the country. Basically, the American dream in 30 seconds."
I have worked at Hilltop for 35 years and have two degrees from Hilltop and genuinely have more good than bad things to say about Hilltop, but Hilltop's beatification and adoration of this fuckfaced ghoul and war criminal is a shameful and disgusting taint
Here's a direct descendant and heiress of the above
My only objection is the "slowly become," my dude, she's been since the beginning of time and is immortal
"The difference between distinguished and vulgar is a semantic accident of class and filthy lucre"
Imagine if Biden had organically-sprouted this dementia-adled stream of consciousness yesterday the media feeding-frenzy
"We bombed the hell out of the place and we leave. You know, in the old days to the victor belong the spoils. We don't do that. We bombed the hell out of everyone. Then we come back home. It's so sick"
Which is not to bail out Joe Biden, one of the evilest motherfuckers of my lifetime and people can vouch I've been saying this for forty years. he's a profoundly evil asshole, as evil as any human alive
who will be personally responsible for installing Emperor and Supreme Leader Tom Cotton in your and your childrens' lives forever, amen
"If this happened to a 13 year old Israeli girl by a Palestinian sniper, her picture and story would be all over western media but Israeli killing of Palestinians including children is normalized, and considered not newsworthy.


Larry Levis

All night I dreamed of my home,
of the roads that are so long
and straight they die in the middle—
among the spines of elderly weeds
on either side, among the dead cats,
the ants who are all eyes, the suitcase
thrown open, sprouting failures.

And this evening in the garden
I find the winter
inside a snail shell, rigid and
cool, a little stubborn temple,
its one visitor gone.

If there were messages or signs,
I might hear now a voice tell me
to walk forever, to ask
the mold for pardon, and one
by one I would hear out my sins,
hear they are not important—that I am
part of this rain
drumming its long fingers, and
of the roadside stone refusing
to blink, and of the coyote
nailed to the fence with its
long grin.

And when there are no messages
the dead lie still—
their hands crossed so strangely
like knives and forks after supper.

I stay up late listening.
My feet tap the floor,
they begin a tiny dance
which will outlive me.
They turn away from this poem.
It is almost Spring.


  1. That cat-tale is haunting! Life/ Love = Responsibility; the magnitude on each side of the equation is the same. Only Death is care-free and irresponsible as a toddler. Convenience is just a random vacation of varying fleetingness, I guess! Atlas doesn't even *like* shrugging ("Boy, you're gonna carry that weight, carry that weight a long time... ")...

  2. My bit of regret for my having given Imblique and Moschops over to a family for my ostensible sojourn I knew was intended permanence, leaving the new world behind, will never go away.

  3. in this world in which we live in, in these days of modern times, i find pleasure in browsing through youtube for music i've sort of heard before - new renditions of old songs - today i found mary spender and josh turner's "sultans of swing"