Tuesday, May 28, 2024

My Father Gave Me a Look That Let Me Know I Might Be Next If I Didn't Mend My Ways. I Never Said a Word About Maisie Again

This week in who I am:

and who I'd like to be (UPDATE):

Not gonna happen. How many shitlibs screaming at you for opposing Biden's genocide would be screamingly (if performatively and sanctimoniously) anti-genocide if it was Trump's genocide? Imagine how they'd scream at you if you said, I hate psycho Zionists and their gleeful adoration of Biden's genocide but at least they'd be just as gleeful and adoring if it was Trump's genocide which is a far more honorable position than yours, shitlib, in its own sadistic way. Laugh, I don't have to imagine, the person at Hilltop who can't take a hint and badgers me about my vote every time she sees me and pushes me and pushed me until I asked, the result was predictable so her reaction was anticlimactic. She may be psycho but she's not a Zionist, just a genocidaire for Biden

Rest of monologue is the gridofanger as seemingly always now. That portmanteau still makes me smile, I'm easy. Have a new Tindersticks song:

America's Genocidal Trolley Problem
"It is difficult to imagine a more depraved, brutal and cowardly act than bombing refugee families in their tents, but I think we now all understand there is no moral depth which the terrorist entity that is Israel will not plumb"
The true face of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party
"To blame the left for the political troubles of a president who is not of the left and who is under fire from the left specifically because he is pursuing a policy that is the exact opposite of what the left wants is the definition of a strawman"
There are shitlibs more concerned about Alito's flags than mass casualty events on camps full of refugees being deliberately starved to death who are very concerned you vote straight shitlib ticket this November and are pissy you won't commit now
"Again setting morality and legality aside, the complete inability to rein in a tiny client state with a smaller GDP than Hong Kong while leaking a shifting series of supposed angry phone calls and disregarded red lines only reinforces the perception of Biden as a weak old man"
The editorial legacy of former Israeli prison guard Jeffrey Goldberg in 7 words
The entire situation summarised in 100 seconds (watch)
Israel's style of public relations
"The message of Israel’s torture chambers is directed at all of us, not just Palestinians"
How Israel twists antisemitism claims to project its own crimes onto Palestinians
"America is truly in its last stage as an empire. Can’t even build a simple pier in Gaza. $320 million washed away by the sea before even completed. Corrupt military contractors, corrupt politicians, corrupt “democracy”…
This fine metaphor abounding the tippiest point ever since the last until the next that our guaranteed immiseration and enshittification more imminent than even I thought
"insane country where becoming pro-genocide somehow makes you a centrist"
Some shitlib sent a tweet at Rashida Tlaib telling her to shut the fuck up, I quickly typed and hit reply Shitlibs are monsters and while true I quickly deleted after I realized what I'd done and reminded myself not to waste my anger and energy so spastically, he types into a cell of his gridofanger
"Beinart makes an important observation here: If diaspora Jews are safe in their homes, this is a direct threat to the entire Zionist project. If Jews are safe in America, America is a direct threat to Israel."
Which is why creating as many antisemites as possible a foundational project of Zionism
The Indigenous Artists Creating Work in Solidarity With Palestine
Attack on Pro-Palestinian Protestors at UMich Latest Example of Democrats Defending Israel’s Genocide in Gaza
"Nearly 50 massacred yesterday in Rafah - not a bloodbath. 7 killed in Ukraine - bloodbath."
Now you know who’s behind the telegram groups mocking dead palestinian children
"Nikki Haley in Israel scribbling "FINISH THEM" on the shells that the IDF is about to fire into Rafah in defiance of the ICJ. Biden provided the shells, Republicans autograph them. The US political class is united in its complicity with this genocide."
Reminder: Biden campaigning harder to get Haley voters than your vote
Israeli govt spokesman says Israel is liberating Gaza for the Palestinian people.
"Of all the sins Democrats will brand Haley with, this will 𝑛𝑜𝑡 be one"
A brilliant idiot savant of the politics of resentment and its zillion uses
United Kingdom owned by United States
Maggie's linksBlooger skeevier to operate lately
Avedon Carol's occasional links
Yes yes yes, crackerchristers are creepy and shitheaded{ feuilleton }'s
"Which leads me to wonder, exculpatory fibbing aside, is there a mental statute of limitations on the idiotic, embarrassing, or downright bad things you have done, said, not said, or failed to do in the past?"
Starting pitchers and baseball's existential crisis
"The league has largely stayed out of the way as teams’ analytics departments took the sport down a similar road: Overload the roster with eight relief pitchers who can throw a baseball 98 miles per hour. Then stop waiting around for the starting pitcher to get tired. Get him out of the game and cue the parade of fireballers out of the bullpen"
Loved baseball too much too long too long ago to not still have fucks, still love local pxp and DC has very excellent local pxp, and I think the Double Hook solution to the existential crisis a brilliant solution
So much for this blog being labelled "the best resource in English on European modernist literature"
A Poet’s Reckoning with What Poetry Can Do
Grand Poobah of the Antigrandiose
New TINDERSTICKS album, preorder here, get two songs now!


James Tate

    I sat in the old tree swing without swinging. My loafer had fallen off and I left it on the ground. My sister came running out of the house to tell me something. She said, "I'm going to camp tomorrow." I said, "I don't believe you." She said, "I am. It's a fact. Mother told me." We didn't speak for the rest of the day. I was mad at her for getting to do something I didn't. At dinner I asked mother what kind of camp it was. She said, "Oh, just a camp like any other." I didn't really know what that meant. The next day they got her ready to go, and then they drove off, leaving me with the neighbors. When they got back everything was normal, except I missed Maisie. And I missed her more each following day. I didn't know how much she had meant to me before. I asked my parents over and over how much longer it would be. All they said was soon. I told some kids at school how long my sister had been gone. One of them said, "She'll never be back. That's the death camp." When I got home I told my parents what that boy had said. "He doesn't know what he's talking about," my father said. But after a couple of more weeks of her absence I began to wonder. That's when they began to clean out Maisie's room. I said, "What are you doing?" You said Maise will be back soon." My mother said, "Maisie's not coming back. She likes it there better than she does here." "That's not true. I don't believe you," I said. My father gave me a look that let me know I might be next if I didn't mend my ways. I never said a word about Maisie again.


  1. 1/the first picture - angular, angry, asymmetrical - it is what it is and participates in the suchness of thepresent moment

    2/of novels by charles portis, the only one read by me was masters of atlantis

    2.2/Wikipedia says "Writing for Slate in 2020, less than a year after Portis's death, Brian Boyle heavily lauded Masters of Atlantis not only for its impact in the comedy world but also as 'the perfect novel to explain QAnon, to explain Trump, to explain organized religion—hell, to explain America itself', citing the humanistic portrayal of both Jimmerson and his less fortunate followers as 'people simply seeking answers'."

    3/at the blog watch this space there is a discussion of how in former times there were inexpensive mass-market paperbacks written by leading scholars in their field aimed at the general reader - i'm so old i remember those times, and even when the prices went from 35 to 50 and then 75 cents - i was a general reader before i got to high school

    4/the name Maisie - according to our friends at Wikipedia - "is the pet form of the Scottish Gaelic name Mairead or the Irish name Mairéad, which are the equivalent of the English name Margaret. The -ie is a diminutive suffix used in Scottish as well as Northern England English. Margaret is derived via French (Marguerite) and Latin (Margarita) from Ancient Greek: μαργαρίτης (margarítēs) meaning
    'pearl' - itself a loan word from Persian."

    4.4/among the fictitious characters named Maisie who have Wikipedia entries is Maisie Lockwood, whose very fictional existence is based on the fictional biotechnology of the Jurassic Park novel/movie franchise

    5/associatively related, at least to me - this morning I received a notice about the 125th "Great Simplification" podcast of Nate Hagens - a conversation about Hospicing Modernity and Rehabilitating Humanity

    5.5/this reminds me of a line from Leonard Cohen's song "the future" -

    they said repent - repent - repent
    i wondered what they meant

    6/and speaking about persisting characteristics of the human condition, one could see Allison Young and Josh Turner [disambiguation - this is Joshua Lee Turner, not Joshua Otis Turner] with "Fever"


  2. I'm not saying anything about Maise. They trained us not to.

  3. 1/although we may never utter maisie's name again, etymologically related is "maggie may" - here's sir rod stewart performing that song with the royal philharmonic orchestra - at 2:16 we get a closeup of his footwear


    2/when i heard of the historic verdict in nyc yesterday i wept tears of joy

    2.2/no, not really - what i did was think of how it may contribute to our national mood by evoking what has been called "reactance" - as our friends at wikipedia define it;

    In psychology, reactance is an unpleasant motivational reaction to offers, persons, rules, or regulations that threaten or eliminate specific behavioral freedoms. Reactance occurs when an individual feels that an agent is attempting to limit one's choice of response and/or range of alternatives.

    2.3/in ordinary language, we might call it "defiance" - as expressed in a motto from a revolutionary era flag that has not been in the news recently, but maybe soon - "don't tread on me"

    2.4/joseph masling, psychoanalytic psychologist, memorably termed it the "screw you" effect [classroom presentation, 1970s]

    2.5/also in the psychology department that had a formative effect on my thinking was behaviorist
    anthony graziano

    2.6/these two had a legendary encounter one morning - legendary in its archetypical resonance, although known only to a few people in real life -

    they met while walking in opposite directions in the hallway of the psychology department

    tony said "good morning"

    joe thought to himself, "i wonder what he meant by that"