Friday, May 31, 2024

It's So F*ck Self-Indulgent to Think You Like This Song

Go to the 32:50 mark of the below for what is still, though I haven't been able to post it recently because Worldwide Pants blocked it for copyright, the fuckers, one of the most posted videos in this shitty blog's history, and which, on Chris Elliott's 64th birthday, remains the official BLCKDGRD Bleggalgazing Day Theme Song One (Two and Three below as well as.....)

I'll spare me bleggalgazing more and you reading it beyond I still feel compelled to BLCKDGRD, fuck me. Also Two:

Also Three:

Also too, this shitty blog's Theme Song One since day one, a few of yinz can vouch


  1. 1/it turns out there really was a 1986 Cinemax special FDR: A One Man Show in which Elliott starred

    2/he appeared in a movie with Hugh Grant which I will soon see, via Hoopla, courtesy of my local public library system

    3/someone by the same name has several albums of instrumental music also available through the same source - a slow, poignant, reflective two minutes long theme - with a still photo of a dog sitting in the middle of a street, in the rain - titled "Abandoned" - can be seen at

    1. 1/speaking of fdr, the "free gift" that was inside the subscription offer from the nation that arrived yesterday was a bookmark with fdr's picture and the quote The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.

      2/the fdr memorial in washington dc has a web page

      3/as an impressionable junior high student, i bought an lp of tchaikovsky's piano concerto no. 2 [not the better known no. 1] by russian-american-british shura cherkassky - it was wonderful

      there's a biography of the pianist calling him 'the piano's last czar':

      "Shura Cherkassky's life story, like his piano playing, is provocative and captivating. At his death in 1995, Cherkassky was considered one of history's greatest pianists, as well as the last direct link to the Romantic piano tradition of Chopin, Liszt, and Anton Rubinstein.

      Cherkassky's story merits telling not only for his musical achievements but also for the inspiration he provided by demonstrating tenacity, integrity, common sense, and uncommon courage."

    2. Tanx, mc! As someone who digs Chopin like someone who digs Chopin, I'm privy to the dilemma that's not one related to classical music's inherently lending itself to literal volumes to choose from and here you present another that reminds me this is the only bleg left on the net still checking the important boxes of art and commentary featuring linked references and more commentary thereon.