Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Just a Wet Crack When They Remove the Head

Today in who I am, an ongoinggag

Rosie seems to have stabilized (all credit to L who's taken on the pill-giving and the every-other-day jabbing of the IV-drip), barring a death sentence from the vet when I take Rosie in tomorrow on Thursday we cancel our two week vacation in Maine in late July for a staycation of day hikes and tending to Rosie, and I am at peace with that: for once, and it's weird, I seem to be the person I'd like to be:

I have a two week headshot hiatus planned starting week after next, I'm almost out of clear elmer's glue and bottles of acrylic ink and pipettes for applying the ink and gouache and I'm down to my last watercolor block and I've not restocked, for every one of the near above there are dozens of the far above, no restocking for now (and no new discs though I did lose a Destroyer I like on an interesting new disc golf course in Frederick), and no buying books, novel or poetry, until I finish two I already own but haven't read. We thought a dog had adopted us on a hike last weekend but happily the owner was in the parking lot, and I'm 25% through a novel and I've yet to think of abandoning it. Imagine how much crackerier it will need to get to get Icky Biden reelected, I said to an icky shitlib who nodded in agreement but didn't get what I meant. Maryland is now a legal state and I've been given permission to toke at home during staycation. I *am* still buying music, listen to this, loud:

"Israeli media finds a silver lining to Palestinian children burning alive in tent camps in the final stage of Gaza genocide in Rafah!"
A dying empire led by bad people
"remember when Obama didn’t help Flint and just pretended to drink some water then a few months later gave Israel $38 billion dollars?"
Last rites for a dying civilization
"It clears up a lot of confusion when you understand that the US empire is not a national government which happens to run nonstop military operations, it’s a nonstop military operation that happens to run a national government"
Vote for Biden or Trump will do this
"As predicted: Israel has adamantly rejected its own offer to itself and is now cutting off negotiations and diplomatic relations with itself in order to send itself a strong message: Israel will not surrender to Israel’s terms!"
How depraved do you have to be to bomb refugee families in their tents?
Jews have no greater enemy in the world than Israel
"Tzipi Navon, ex-aide to Netanyahu’s wife, fantasized about avenging non existent beheaded babies by skinning Palestinian militants alive, ripping out their nails, cutting their genitals off, cooking them and feeding them to captives"
The Gaza Protests Were a Mask-Off Moment for American Universities
The NYT intentionally avoids saying "Palestinian land"
"This baby was starved with hundreds of trucks filled with food sitting a few miles away—food that had been paid for and donated specifically to feed people like this child. People need to answer for this. If a parent did this to even one child they’d be in prison until they died"
A nurse honored for compassion is fired after referring to Gaza ‘genocide’ in speech
To repeat: "Tzipi Navon, ex-aide to Netanyahu’s wife, fantasized about avenging non existent beheaded babies by skinning Palestinian militants alive, ripping out their nails, cutting their genitals off, cooking them and feeding them to captives"
Zionists weaponize “antisemitism” to crack down on academic freedom
NY Hospital Fires Nurse for Empathizing With Gaza Mothers
"What I Saw—and Learned—at a New York City Student Walk-Out for Palestine"
A Professor on ‘Authorities’ Who Order Police to CrushCrush Student Protests
"Netanyahu is telling the world that he won’t accept the ceasefire proposal that Biden admin falsely claimed Israel accepted, and yet the Biden admin is still clinging to the lie that it’s Hamas’ fault
"The most progressive President since FDR gave me Trump and Peter Navarro's China and trade policies, Trump and Jared Kushner's Saudi policy, Trump's Postmaster, Trump's Fed Chair, Trump's border policy, and now Trump's ban on asylum"
Universities and Hegemoney
The Emperor's New FavoriteThe Military-Industrial Complex Is Killing Us All
Rudderless, incompetent and complicit
Shadowy hospitalPizzaburger President
The West is Hell-Bent on Provoking Russia Into Hot War
Presidents Who Gamble With Nuclear Armageddon
Who and what is the ruling class?
Giving birth on a planet in crisis
"It's always interesting to see how bend-over-backwards the US press needs to be to avoid admitting "left wing policies lead to fast economic growth and turned out to be extremely popular" is a factor here"
Capital’s EmiratesMaggie's weekly
The Collapse Is Coming. Will Humanity Adapt?
Thirty-nine books in one{ feuilleton }'s
contemplation on despair (mental health month)
Twenty-five untranslatable emotions
Why Are Debut Novels Failing to Launch?
I like Joni Mitchell's music when I hear it but not enough to seek it out, it's me, not her, but if you dig here music read this


Sean Bonney

They draw a red line across the neck. It is a map, of sorts. The beginnings of a map. The marks there, they are apartment blocks. But they are also alphabets. No, not alphabets, magnetic clouds. In each of those clouds there is a vowel, and those vowels are in the hands of the enemy. You are inside one of the apartment blocks. There are two of you in the room, but you are only aware of a third. It is the third that speaks to you now. The questions it asks are ridiculous. Are there ghosts on wasted planets. There are no planets. No vowels. Just a wet crack when they remove the head.

Here are three chords, three marks on the calendar: Occupy, whenever that was, Seattle 1999, and whatever it was happened in London in June 2005. They may be separated electric strings, or optional planets, or the thoughts of liberals, or basilica, or chromatic meat. Who cares what they are, play them loud. Think like a gun as much as you like, but whatever you do, don’t form a band.

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  1. 1/by a process of elliptical association, sean bonney's poem reminded me of what I learned about Keith Jarrett's Köln Concert from an 8 minute YouTube video

    How a total disaster became the world’s best-selling piano album

    2/with regard to collapse and adaptation and how the situation has developed, a 25 minute video presentation by William Rees succinctly hits the main points of how things got that way


    3/two non-terrestrial beings who were acquaintances happened to meet in a neutral space, and after catching up a bit on each other's recent activities, one asked: how's life on earth? the other replied: compared to what?