Tuesday, June 25, 2024

How Many Times Can I Use the Word Poem Without Sinking the Poem?

Saw eyedoc yesterday for every three months appointment, he insists I must have knife surgery this Fall to remove cataracts and cut canals into my eyeballs to relieve the glaucoma pressure, will not give me a needed new RX for glasses since it will be obsolete once surgery done - "You won't need to wear glasses," he uses to tell me eye surgery is a GOOD thing - and he doesn't want me wasting hundreds of dollars on glasses I'll use for but four months, as always I can make a fine fucking metaphor out of anything, I'm no way emotionally prepared for eye surgery. He did prescribe a new eyedrop he said will help temporarily with the glaucoma, I was reminded of the below, from 2018:

You know, if you're gleefully, gloatingly selling stolen land perhaps you shouldn't do it from a house of worship (thereby associating your religion with your thievery) unless your soul (sic) goal is to provoke then attack the people whose land you stole that are protesting you stole their land. Observe the people claiming to represent your values delight in attacking the people whose land was stolen and draw the correct conclusion that no one who seeks power and then claims to represent your values gives a flying fuck about your values beyond reminding you of your duty to vote for the person who doesn't give a flying fuck about your values

Yes, blogger-coding devolving daily into skeevier and skeevier. Yes, I haven't painted in ten days, I will make the two week hiatus I imposed. No, the below is not new, it too is from 2018, yes it reminds me I haven't used watercolor in months and I haven't used my handwriting in years except in tablet. No, I will not watch the debate between the diapered fucks jacked up on stimulants. Yes, my soul-deep loathing of those who claim to represent my values who don't give a flying fuck about my values trumps (sic) my scathing contempt for those who seek power and who claim to represent the values of crackers and christers 

My mother was born ninety years ago today

I fully restocked watercolor blocks, acrylic ink, and clear elmer's glue in days before planned hiatus, in 2018 if I'd told me in 2024 I'd be painting with acrylic ink and clear elmer's glue instead of not only watercolor but only the primary colors I'd have been righteously indignant at the accusation. I can make a fine fucking metaphor out of anything, my unsecret useless superpower. Yes, I will paint again. No, I will not.

Hope Sandoval turned 58 yesterday, I binged, hear:

Our Rulers Are Literally Driving Us Crazy
Someone for years has been telling you three times we are being reprogrammed
Corporate Media in the Age of Fascist Politics
"apparently it's antisemitic to say Israel represents all Jews AND antisemitic to say it doesn't"
South Africa’s case against Israel
"Israeli Official Describes Secret Government Bid to Cement Control of West Bank"
The Collapse of ZionismLong genocide
"After the Red Crescent received permission to go save 6 year old Hind… the IDF drove a tank to the location and shot over 350 bullets into the car… Then when the Red Crescent arrived they shelled the ambulance"
Of Course Israel Makes Jews Less Safe
The U.S. power structure is blindly dedicated to Israel
"Hosting colonial land theft events inside synagogues is a Western imperialist tactic to normalize the white supremacist ideology of Zionism by intertwining it with the religious identity of Judaism and then portraying anyone who protests imperialism as "antisemitic."
When Did Everything Become "Disinformation"?
Corporate Media in the Age of Fascist Politics: Firewalls of Ignorance and Disappearance
"Dear American trans community: every “if you don’t vote Biden, you don’t care about LGBT people” shitlib is quite literally your enemy, and everything the UK’s Labour Party is doing now is foreshadowing how ready they are to throw you under the bus next"
Marxist interpretation as a vocation
The Crackdown on Campus Protests is Just Beginning
Today in what you already knew: the number two goal of zionists is to create the maximum number of antisemites
What nuclear annihilation could look like
Today in what you already knew: "Israeli documents show expansive government effort to shape US discourse around Gaza war"
Today in what you already knew: Law enforcement is spying on thousands of Americans’ mail
Today in what you already knew: "This man is disturbed, but you need to listen to his rantings and understand that these asinine, racist, violent fantasies are at the beating heart of a political movement that has the support of the country’s wealth class as they seek to dismantle democracy"
Agreeing to our harmWAR CRIMINALS
Orange cat drinking orange juice, or: what to do with the link on the grid when it's owner deletes it after I've linked the other thirty-nine links and fuck if I'm starting over
The rural western Pennsylvania town my father grew up in was dying when I was a child 60 years ago
Synthetic progressiveSudan starves
"Do you know anyone who works in the NBA, or any journalists who cover the NBA? You should see if they know about how the owner of the Detroit Pistons makes money from some of the poorest families in the U.S"
'Draft Notice’ from the Shop of Horrors
Students can't get free lunch at school but a helmetball stadium renovation of shitlords? Fuck yeah
Why Are Teachers Funding Billionaires Private Jets?
What is a supermarketMaggie's
The mysterious tyranny of baby names
Alice Notley: Recent Reviews, Interviews, and New Books
Auden's Elegies of Exileships...43 years ago. I was 21. The fuck am I old
John Barth and the Literature of Rectification
Who isn't going to see Jesus & Mary Chain / Psychedelic Furs with me in DC October 6?
Middle of a Clark Coolidge binge in particular and his collection *Poet* in particular this last month


Clark Coolidge

How many times can I use the word
poem without sinking the poem?
how many variables can coexist?
worry more about the automatic
cancelling device      get on with it!
this is not a skill set

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  1. marilynne robinson's last paragraph in her nyrb essay which considers the rage of the trumpistas is

    Americans have special obligations to reality. It is true and manifest that we will have an outsize part in determining the fate of the planet. If it should be that big problems cannot be solved and that we are left with the tedious business of managing them, we should discipline ourselves to patience and deliberation, the old courtesies that have made democracy possible. We have at hand the best resources that can be had to deal with our situation, if we can agree to respect them.

    non-paywalled version: https://archive.md/vaET2#selection-1563.0-1564.0

    her essay is thoughtful and makes some good points - in my current mood, however, I consider leonard cohen's song about the future to provide a more true-to-life perspective