Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Terror When It Goes Leaves Lifelessness's Big Hole

The two week painting-hiatus over but last night's too wet still to scan so you're spared until at least the next post. Not painting did not result, as hoped, in more reading. Not painting did not result, as hoped, in more writing. Not painting did not result, as hoped, in less clusterfuck-induced seething, but at least it did not result in more because not painting, as hoped, has resulted in my insistence that yes, Jeff, at least in this post, the oomph of the monologue are the links themselves and I do not need paraphrase the oomph again in a paragraph of duh anymore than I need explain why I took a two week painting-hiatus or why this bleggalgaze ends here but returns in the grid per usual. My name is *not* Serene

Meanwhile. SeatSix suggested we play all 27 holes at our beloved Seneca Creek Disc Golf Course as par 4 (instead of par 3) to make it easier to keep our score in our heads (because the majority of holes we take a four) so instead of +16 it'd have been the week before I shot a -2 in the best of four rounds played there during painting hiatus (though I lost my favorite Valkyrie that round, yanked left of 15's fairway into the pile of fallen trees brought down by the tornados weeks ago, fine metaphors abound). I've haven't researched which countries have the best disc golf courses because it won't matter where you live very soon (and if I was a citizen of any country but ours I'd bar American expats, Americans deserve what they get). You won't be surprised to learn there is a new Guided by Voices album but will be surprised and pleased it's the jangliest release in years!

Oh No, Now The US Has To Stop Imprisoning Ex-Presidents For Their Crimes!
Professional Democrats hate you more than the magashittiest cracker ever hated you
Motherfucking professional Democrats insist there was a full, legitimate, open and fair, and competitive 2024 Democratic Party primary season, they hate you more than life and have more contempt for you than hate
Joe Biden at his sharpest was a liar, a plagiarist, a bully, a racist, a zionist, the biggest shitlord corporate asset of his era and and possibly in American shitlord history, and- this is most important - proudly a world class asshole
Reminder: people distill into their essence in their senescence
Heritage Foundation wants Biden to run
Shitlibs will never admit that Shittery shitshanked her shitty self and the shitlib immediately blocked me when said this in twoot reply
Ben Gvir calls for execution of Palestinian prisoners with 'shot in the head'
More horrific than Abu Ghraib’: Lawyer recounts visit to Israeli detention center
Co­m­p­a­n­i­e­s P­r­o­f­i­t­i­n­g f­r­o­m t­h­e G­a­z­a G­e­n­o­c­i­d­e
"congrats to Obama on continuing his unbroken streak of shutting down potential moments of change / stopping good things from happening. an incredible run"
"What we are seeing in the aftermath of the CNN event with Biden is a sophisticated attempt to rebrand a genocidal administration as merely incompetent"
Craig Murray’s Campaign Against Empire
A ‘Moral, Strategic, and Diplomatic Abyss
A settler shot my husband. Then Israel bulldozed my childhood home
Motherfucking Democrats' response to losing
"The idea that Joe Biden would launch a drone strike against Mar-a-Lago is more plausible, more imaginable, than Alito or Thomas having a change of heart"
How your FedEx driver is helping cops spy on YOU
Nothing but punishmentThat's all folks
Avedon Carol's occasional links
{ feuilleton }If Fleabus was an owl
37-08 Utopia Parkway: Joseph Cornell’s House
Daniel Bachman’s Homemade Musical Experiments
Linda Thompson interviewVoid of Expansion
Did you know there is a gorgeous new The Dirty Three album?


  1. 1/Richard Thompson's band current includes several family members and has been well received by audiences

    2/as Neil Young puts it in "look out for my love" - I know things are gonna change - I don't know bad or good

    3/all pie is good pie, according to a bit of repeated dialog from the movie "hit man"

    1. I've seen Thompson, solo and band, far more than any other musician/band by a huge margin, saw every show I could within 200 miles of DC from the late 70s till about ten years ago when he most came to America doing solo (which I really don't need to see/hear again), but band (which he rarely does these recent years? Fuck yeah.

      Was 28 years ago at GW's Lisner Auditorium his band promoting You? Me? Us/? tour, the single best burn-it-down show I've ever seen, they knew they were all on and did multiple encores taking requests. Family members in the band back then. Burned it down then burned it down again and again. *Bank Vault in Heaven* was already a favorite song, has been the single Thompson song I'd take with me if I could only take one.