Thursday, June 20, 2024

You Only Crystallize After Taking a Leak

Just blasted out to me via twaater - SCOTUS decisions in half an hour from when I type this. What fresh fascism awaits us? Fleabus last night below, eating like a pig, screaming at the bathtub, diminishing but still healthy and alert cuddlebug, remember centuries ago when every post here had a Fleabus photo by first my daughter then when she went to college and since by me?

I can fuck up blogger coding all by myself but now google happy to do it for me as they of late are happy to fuck up google sheets coding despite my ability to do so myself. Fine metaphors abound. I understand the irony that I of all people rage to myself that the overwhelming majority of DJs on WFMU whose musical tastes appeal to mine won't shut the fuck up during mic-breaks: I hope the marble-blender of minimum mic-breakology returns to the schedule this fall, my favorite show, even the raga-one every six weeks. Rosie sees me walk towards her and she hides under the bed, afraid I will shove a needle in her neck, and she's not wrong once every other day. The manic ferris-wheel on the upswing, will be down by next week. No new fascism announced as yet, arriving soon like tonight's dark, embracing the fuckit like I will throw discs both days this weekend in one hundred degree heat

The United States Is the Main Obstacle to Peace in PalestineWhy academic scholarship on Israel and Palestine threatens western elitesThe feeds of the IDF depict what Zionism can’t seeAs expected, Netanyahu inevitably knifes Biden in the back.Netanyahu slagging Biden for not gifting Israel weapons the day after this shitsmear brags about all the weapons Israel is selling for immense profits is chef's kiss gallJoe Biden: it's not genocide / Israeli zionists: fuck YEAH it's genocideFrom Okinawa to Palestine: How the US military machine connects occupied territoriesIsrael Presents: Detention Without Trial for Arabs Only
"It takes a profound cruelty to support raining tens of thousands of tons of military explosives onto a giant concentration camp that's packed full of children. It takes outright malignant narcissism to expect everyone to be just fine with this and get indignant when they aren't"How dare Bibi say we aren't fully supporting and supplying the means for his genocide?"Fantastic news, and hopefully a bellwether for media outlets that continue to rely on distorted and/or fake data from this obsessively corrupt, pro-apartheid org"The Lifelong Incoherence of Biden’s Israel Strategy"I'm sorry, but Biden going full "Genocide Joe"—torching his electoral chances and 80% of Gaza in order to cover for Bibi's war crimes—only to have Bibi (predictably) start running campaign ads for Trump is just so, so perfectly Scorpion-and-the-Frog. You couldn't write it better"
Biden State Dept. Bending US Law to Send Israel WeaponsA reminder that Hillary Clinton endorsed the shitlords' candidate"Watching this administration cower from even the mere hint that it might be anything less than completely subservient to the Israeli government has been a trip"Inside the ‘shocking’ police operation targeting pro-Palestine activists in TorontoMy wife has Canadian citizenship and talks of moving there to escape Crackerstan, I keep telling her Canada IS CrackerstanPortugal I'm told the best country to expatriate to, maybe Maryland will secede from Crackerstan"I've never seen these guys posing with a Qassam sniper rifle or RPG, all the "trophies" IDF soldiers keep displaying to show off their victories are like wheelchairs, children's toys, and women's underwear. That should tell you something"
"Our Propagandized Society Is Like A Sick Man Who Doesn't Know He's Sick"In our make-believe politics, the strings pulled by the super-rich are all too visible"Catholic postliberal thinkers opposed to modern liberal individualism are less interested in transforming people’s unhappy lives through the power of the gospel than in jockeying for political power as the vanguard of a conservative revolution"Perplexity is a bullshit machineA DAY OR TWO AFTER BLOOMSDAY: AN ILLUSTRATED STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS BONANZA (which is really just a meditation on getting older and older and older… and older… )
What humans are good for, according to animalsA Summer Solstice Tarotscope for the Art WorldSects, Cults, and Heretical MessiahsBefore and after artificial intelligenceA bleggalgaze from Dangerous MindsMy parents' 50th Anniversary Party/Dinner was at this joint 16 years ago a week from yesterday"Intercourse,” a very short story by Diane WilliamsRest in Peace, James Chance


Clark Coolidge

You only crystalize after taking a leak
the poem of some instruction
a pity the world changes?
the poem of a frail control
beyond that door the birds are all dead
    or anyhow never come back
the poem of the constellated treachery
you walk the halls of an occluded territory
the poems on your side
father simulated a military academy
the poem of some hard feelings
the ones who don't squeak or go off once a week
the poem called a find      the poem called a foul
imagine the distance between North Beach and South Beach
the poem that takes some going


  1. 1/that's a good looking cat

    2/a good-looking, smooth-talking former democrat has a new book out - in an interview with cbn she says some very sensible things, and also expresses sentiments that will appeal to those she hopes will see her as a leader

    could she be the liberatory political figure people yearn for?

    words that rhyme with hope: cope rope dope soap nope

    see also song titled "just gimme some truth"

    3/years ago people saw obama with a halo around him - I wrote, using as a template lewis carroll's the mad gardener's song:

    She thought she saw a candidate
    Who'd put an end to war.
    She looked again, and found it was
    The Same Game as Before.
    "If that's the way it goes," she said,
    "Then what is voting for?"

    more context, with scriptural quote, at

    1. 1/Wikipedia:

      "The Mad Gardener's Song" is a poem by Lewis Carroll that appears in his book Sylvie and Bruno (1889, 1893).


      The poem consists of nine stanzas, each of six lines. Each stanza contains alternating lines of iambic tetrameter and iambic trimeter, with the trimetric lines rhyming with each other. Each verse is scattered around the novel Sylvie and Bruno, with eight verses in the first volume and one in the second, Sylvie and Bruno Concluded.

      2/a while ago the financial times published a letter from me quoting the following verse, with my interpretation that it represented the overgrown financial sector's parasitic relationship to the real economy:

      He thought he saw a Banker's Clerk
      Descending from the bus:
      He looked again, and found it was
      A Hippopotamus.
      "If this should stay to dine," he said,
      "There won't be much for us!"

    2. speaking of "hope" - alan sabrosky [whose wikipedia bio is questioned by some of our friends there because he may not be notable enough] asserts:

      I first became acquainted with the planning and execution of psychological operations (psyops) back in the 1960s. I was then a young Marine preparing for Vietnam, and took a course on the subject from the Army’s Special Warfare Center (name may have changed). One thesis stayed with me, and resonates today: Amateurs talk about using psyops to break a target’s will. Professionals know that the proper use of psyops is to give the target hope, because hope is the mortal enemy of both rational thought and decisive, timely action. [emphasis added]

      the diagram at the top of the article from which this comes

      immediately makes clear that sabrosky is willing to express unconventional opinions