Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fireflies Are Dragging the Hush of Evening Up from the Damp Grass

I'm finishing up Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks for the umpteenth time, the backbone of Donald Harington's Stay More novels. They are charming and Kind and gallopitous and wise. They not only reveal themselves to be smarter than they appear, they reveal you, to your grateful surprise, to be smarter than you appear.

Slumpbreakers, all of them (and I needed a slump broken), poetic, magical, I keep saying this, wise. Sly. Funny. Uncanny. Kind. Where do you think I got that? I've yodeled this before cubed. Want Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks? (One blogbud tried and mehhed, but OK.) If we've been Kind, I'll buy you one. Email me.


Charles Wright

East of me, west of me, full summer.
How deeper than elsewhere the dusk is in your own yard.
Birds fly back and forth across the lawn
                                         looking for home
As night drifts up like a little boat.

Day after day, I become of less use to myself.
Like this mockingbird,
                       I flit from one thing to the next.
What do I have to look forward to at fifty-four?
Tomorrow is dark.
                  Day-after-tomorrow is darker still.

The sky dogs are whimpering.
Fireflies are dragging the hush of evening
                                           up from the damp grass.
Into the world's tumult, into the chaos of every day,
Go quietly, quietly.


  1. Digby category error.

    Sounds pretty shill for someone whose major complaint about Election 2008 was that Hillary wasn't the Democratic candidate.

  2. Gerson: oh, snap.

    Pretzeldents are like the angry, old school cops on cop shows but since I loathe cop shows with a special hate I'm probably making that up, but I doubt it.

  3. I often wonder if the angst created by apostasies in Hillary supporters if she'd been POTUS would match or exceed the angst of obamapostates.

    For me, Obama has POTUSed exactly like I imagine HRC would have. The reason I supported him over her was I *knew* she was a corporate Dem while I was only *almost* certain he was.