Thursday, September 8, 2011

Comely Doesn't Come from Come

Even considering yesterday was the day of the first Cracker Theater, Starring Rick The Executioner Perry I would never have bet that the news that a crazed man with a Hispanic surname brandishing an AK-47 shot and killed multiple uniformed American soldiers would get ZERO! play in the national media. Lesson learned.

Didn't watch Cracker Theater, Starring Rick The Executioner Perry. An acquaintance asked me if turning against Obama and the Dems means I'll listen with fresh ears to what Republicans have to say, would I watch the debate, and I politely said no, it's not a balance where one side must rise if the other falls, that's the trap I'm trying to escape. I said, I can't watch it anyway, I have to rearrange my blogrolls.

A friend who always complains that this shitty blog takes too long to load suggested I pare down my blogrolls since they are what hang when he pings the site, and when I said I don't purge he suggested I make more blogrolls instead of loading up the current ones with dozens of sites each, so:

  • New Toys was abandoned since the sites there are old toys now; they've been moved up into Because Right.
  • I've reduced the number of sites in Because Left and Listening that display when page loads to ten since those tend to update less frequently than the sites in Because Right. You can always expand the blogrolls once the page has loaded.
  • Canned Hiatus has been created and consists of sites from Because Left and Because Right that hadn't updated in two months or more, and Canned Hiatus displays only five sites on the page. It's not banishment, it's a resort. I hope they all come back from vacation.
  • There is one blog site that hasn't updated in two months that I didn't move to comatose because hopefully we'll have lunch in the next month and his site can be moved up into Me and Mine. Four sites have either shut down completely or have changed their status to invite only and no longer provide a feed, but other than that, no one was purged.
  • There are some good new sites in both Becauses and Listening, yo.
  • I've also changed from four posts on front page to three. 

There! That's onanism I can believe in, much better than a recap of Cracker Theater, Starring Rick The Executioner Perry, yes? at least from where I was sitting. The changes seem to make some small difference in the motherfucking blog loading, and any ideas you have on how to make this blog load faster that doesn't involve posting fewer photos and youtubes please pass them along. As always, if I'm not returning a legitimate Kind, please let me know, as always, suggestions for new sites you think I'd like are solicited, as always, thanks for the Kind.


Heather McHugh

Calm comes from burning.
Tall comes from fast.
Comely doesn't come from come.
Person comes from mask.

The kin of charity is whore,
the root of charity is dear.
Incentive has its source in song
and winning in the sufferer.

Afford yourself what you can carry out.
A coward and a coda share a word.
We get our ugliness from fear.
We get our danger from the lord.


  1. This is a great link, thanks BDR.

    It's not just the War Criminal Post, it's corrupt in every way imaginable.

  2. Hey Randal, let's start a helmetball blog in his comments.

  3. You forgot to capitalize the H in my pronoun.

  4. John Beck or Rex Grossman as future ambassador to Kazakhstan. Discuss.

    Cheer up, DCU can smell the playoffs.

    Serious question: does anyone actually know anyone who watches any of these musicals strangely labeled as debates? Frankly, I find it shocking that those who aren't paid to report on them do.

  5. I figure the reason the media isn't saturating the airwaves with the AK-47 story is because they don't want to eat into 9-11 storytime.

  6. But I thought the right would use the F9U1C1K (trademark) mawkishness to drive the story into the media masturbatorium - look, brown people, dead soldiers! Meanwhile Rick Perry.

    Meanwhile, George Mills. It's not that I forgot how angry the book is (compared to other Elkin), but it's bracing to remember.

  7. oh, did anyone see the USA Today the day after the earthquake? (I like to scan newspaper headline as I walk past the many boxes... can't stand to actually read any of them)

    anyway, I'll see if I can track down the actual text, but the front-page headline for the earthquake article said something like "Earthquake strikes East Coast mere weeks before 9/11 anniversary" !! Awesome. Bonkers. American. (Article itself didn't mention 9/11 at all, as far as I could tell.)

  8. I came running here for the poem today and it was just Again. Thanks, as always.

  9. Just in time, BDR. My new one's ready to bring to market (with no small thanks for the inspiration I've found here and at WoW). Thinking about how best to do that.

    Afford yourself what you can carry out.

  10. Meanwhile, George Mills...I was struck more by the sadness than the anger, like when he realizes he's getting too old to be lifting heavy furniture, and he starts looking at the elevator operator with envy.

  11. I bet we're talking the same thing just different words to a huge and subtle extent.

    Elkin's two big responses to his deteriorating MS was first George Mills then Magic Kingdom. In my sillyass desert island game of five novels, Magic Kingdom has a permanent seat. It's Elkins's response to himself in George Mills, it's... well, you know the email address if you want a copy...

  12. Randal: They'll have to beat out Theesman for the Kazakh job.

    Debates: I tried to be ashamed that I don't give a fuck. It didn't work.