Monday, December 7, 2015

[Is this pen on....]

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  1. I just dated one of these. This one in fact
    when it was just washed. This Thanksgivng
    at family dinner loud mockery
    at Mark Rothko. Brothers, father,
    aunt, wife, and daughter, *all* could do that.
    I can't though I try. I was first drafting
    the calligraphy over the dated washes
    but will wash over this. Why Rothko
    was discussed? I'm glad he was discussed.

    Is this pen on? I don't think it will last.
    I thought this would be more fun, the predictable,
    though it's never been fun. Past Friday I unlocked
    a google sheet, sixty employees simultaneously
    competed to fill a fixed hourly calendar. Was
    like watching my cats dance for dinner. Bait
    works. I thought this would be more fun, it's
    not, though I am what is predictable.

    Winter woods are prettier
    than summer woods. Skeletons,
    gray on brown, untunneled from green.
    Me and ranking. Reshuffling baseball
    cards, bouncing between ladders.
    Post WW3 world all I need is a loyal
    dog, a gun, this television commercial tells me.